Feb 2014

Pervert found with 400 indecent pictures of boys told to get treatment by judge in Bristol

A YATE man found with almost 400 indecent pictures of young boys on his phone and computer has been told to get sex offender treatment.

Neil Morgan told police he had a “dark side” regarding such material, which he knew was wrong – but denied doing it for sexual gratification.

Morgan, 48, of Sandhurst, pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images.

Simon Goodman, prosecuting, said a police investigation established that Morgan had 130 indecent images of boys on his mobile phone and 263 indecent images of boys on his computer.

Some 500 photos of boys in swimwear were found, as well as 1,500 pictures not deemed indecent.

Morgan admitted downloading and storing photos of boys aged between 12 and 15, in various states of undress, the court heard.

Mr Goodman said: “He thought there would be around 1,000 images and he said he last accessed them two months previously.

“He said he hadn’t downloaded them at home and told police ‘it’s a dark side of me’ and ‘I know it’s wrong’.”

Morgan claimed to gain no sexual gratification from his photo collection, the court was told.

John Stokes, defending, said: “He wishes to convey his deep shame so far as the harm which falls on the children. He recognises the harm caused.

“He does wish to work with the probation service.”

Judge Julian Lambert said he would sentence Morgan to a community order involving three years’ supervision, “to ensure this interest is scourged.”

Morgan must also undergo up to two months of sex offender treatment and is now subject to a 10-year sexual offences prevention order, banning him from any access to the internet unless there is a retrievable browsing history available for inspection by the police.

He must also register as a sex offender for the same 10-year period.

The judge told Morgan: “With your offence comes the shame for you.

“The likelihood is you will lose your job as a result.

“You are of previous good character and are thought to be treatable by the probation service.”

The judge said Morgan’s interest in child images was deep-seated and said highly unusual aspects of his background may have caused it.