September 2018

Hove paedophile Michael Green jailed, again

A former sports coach has been jailed for the second time for historic sex attacks on young boys.

Michael Green was sent to prison for 12 years after being found guilty of attacks on young boys in Brighton and West Sussex between 24 and 38 years ago.

The 74-year-old, of Aldrington Close in Hove faced 17 charges of indecent assault against seven boys, which included jumping into bed as their sports coach and groping them at his home.

The victims were between 12 and 16 between 1980 and 1994.

He was previously jailed for nine years in 2014, for offences including buggery. 

Green was also known as a friend and mentor of Sarah Payne’s killer Roy Whiting.

Detective Constable Dawn Robertson said the paedophile actively engaged himself in sports in order to gain access to his victims.

He had met three of those boys while he was head coach of juniors at the Brighton Ice Hockey Club, and one while he was involved in coaching junior cycle speedway in Havant.

The other three boys were separately assaulted while pupils at Windlesham House School in Washington, West Sussex, on dates between 1988 and 1994, where Green was a cricket coach at the time.

Green was convicted of four offences against one of them, three of which were committed during school trips to the cinema in Brighton and one at the school, and two offences against each of the other two boys, one of which was committed at Green’s then address, the other three being committed at the school.

Green had pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

The prosecution followed an investigation by detectives from the Brighton Safeguarding Investigations Unit.

The court also heard that Green, then of Aldrington Close, Hove, had been sentenced to nine years imprisonment at Hove Crown Court on 28 February 2014 for four counts of sexual offences against four young boys.

Those 2014 convictions had resulted from an investigation by Brighton detectives into information received in 2011 that a young boy had been sexually assaulted by Green in the early 1980’s also when he was living in Nevill Avenue.

Three further victims forward during that first investigation, and Green was convicted of one offence of buggery against the boy in Havant, and of indecent assault against the three other victims, all in Hove. A further charge of buggery against the first boy was ordered to lie on the court file.

All the boys in the 2014 case were aged between 13 and 15 at the time of those offences which took place between 1981 and 1982. Green had met them separately in Havant and South London whilst he was engaged in the running of junior cycle speedway clubs.

He had met his first victim at the now defunct Havant Cycle Speedway Club.

February 2014

Paedophile jailed for nine years after preying on boys at Havant cycling club


A PREDATORY paedophile who preyed on vulnerable young boys has been jailed for nine years.

Michael (Mike) Green, from Hove, chose his victims from cycle speedway clubs that he set up, including one in Havant which is now closed.

Judge Anthony Niblett, sitting at Hove Crown Court, said the 71-year-old had been in denial about his sexuality for decades and has managed to convince himself that the offences never happened.

But he had in fact wreaked emotional and psychological damage on his victims which affected them throughout their lives.

He was convicted of the offences last month and was sentenced today.

Green was today jailed for eight years for rape, a further 12 months for indecent assault and a 12 months to run concurrently for a further indecent assault.

After he was convicted earlier this month, it emerged that Green had links with paedophile Roy Whiting, who killed seven-year-old schoolgirl Sarah Payne in West Sussex in 2000.

Green, Whiting’s former coach at Crawley Tigers Cycle Speedway Club, was convicted of four child sex offences against boys, including the horrendous abuse of a then 13-year-old at the now defunct Havant Cycle Speedway Club in the early 1980s.

The link between the sick pair emerged through a photograph of them grinning next to each other at a speedway awards ceremony. Green is said to have been a ‘mentor’ for pervert Whiting.

Feb 2014

Chilling picture shows sick paedophile side by side with a child killer – who idolised him


Grinning side by side with youngsters at a cycling club are two members who shared a chilling secret.

The face on the right in this 39-year-old photograph is a young Roy Whiting, who would grow up to be eight-year-old Sarah Payne’s infamous killer.

On his left stands the sinister club coach he “idolised” but who struck terror into the children under his rule – fellow paedophile Mike Green.

The astonishing picture emerged yesterday as Green, now 71, awaits sentence for a string of brutal sex attacks on youngsters between 1981 and 1982.

It was unearthed by a witness who gave evidence at Green’s trial.

Our source, who was targeted by the pervert but escaped his clutches, said: “Greeny chose Whiting as the captain of the team, which shows how close they were. Whiting idolised him and looked up to him.

“They were a tight-knit group and Greeny was a mentor for Whiting. They took part in several of the same races. Some boys talked about Greeny trying to force them into sex, but back then we didn’t understand what a paedophile was.”

Police began investigating him when a victim came forward in 2011 and told how he sexually assaulted him in the early 1980s after leaving the speedway cycling team.

Three further victims also agreed to talk to detectives. The boys were aged between 13 and 15 when they were abused.


Michael Green and Roy Whiting

Link: Green, left, was coach and mentor to evil Whiting in team

Green, who also founded an ice hockey team in Brighton and coached British speedway champions, was arrested early last year. He was convicted at Hove Trial Centre on Tuesday on four counts of buggery and four of indecent assault.

Whiting – now serving life for Sarah’s abduction and murder in July 2000 – came under Green’s influence at Crawley Tigers speedway team when he was 15.

Pals noted how Whiting became close to their “creepy” coach despite them saying they thought he was a pervert.

Speaking after Green was found guilty, our source said: “Greeny was always very touchy feely.

“It started out as something of a rumour among the lads about him being a pervert. Everybody was talking about it and Whiting would have been aware. He spent a lot of time with the boys and he took advantage of that.

“One night I stayed at his house because we were going to an event early next day.

“He wanted to stay in the same room as me and have my friend stay in another room. He then started asking if he could touch me and I said no and told him where to go.

“He told me to be quiet because it would wake his mother up.

“Once he knew I wouldn’t be quiet he got up and went into the other room where my friend was staying.

“Looking back I should have warned my friend and not just stayed silent. My friend never said what had happened.”

Whiting, whose father sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl at a swimming pool, went on to become a car mechanic.

He snatched Sarah Payne and bundled her into his van as she walked to her grandparents’ home in West Sussex. She was sexually abused and murdered, and her naked body was found in a shallow grave 17 days later.

It later emerged Whiting had served time for abducting and sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl in Crawley in 1995.

Our source added: “Who knows what effect Greeny had on Whiting all those years ago.”