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December 2013

A “sexual predator” told a young girl he knew he was being “naughty”

A “sexual predator” told a six-year-old girl he knew he was being “naughty” after he sexually assaulted her, a court heard.

Former nurse Colin Buckley is today beginning a six-year jail after admitting sexual assault on a girl, who was aged six.

Buckley, aged 40, from Manselton Road, Manselton, admitted charges:

  • Three counts of indecent assault on a female child under 13

  • Three counts of committing gross indecency with a child under 13

  • Five counts of sexual assault of a female child under 13

  • Five counts of causing a female child under 13 to engage in sexual activity

  • One count of attempted sexual assault on a female.

He denied two charges of exposure but prosecuting barrister Brian Simpson told Swansea Crown Court he would not be seeking a trial for that offence.

The offending came to light when the girl told her aunt.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, later told police that Buckley had told her: “I know I’m being naughty but I can’t help it.”

She said his offences had made her feel “disgusting”.

Judge Huw Davies said the victim’s life had been “blighted” and that Buckley was “sexually predatory”.

He told Buckley “did not care what damage he inflicted upon her in order to achieve some kind of sexual gratification”.

Buckley told police he did not know why he had committed the offence.

Stephen Rees, for Buckley, said: “He can’t provide an explanation as to why he did what he did,” said Buckley’s barrister.

He said by pleading guilty his client had admitted his offending and avoided his victim having to go through a trial and having to give evidence.

“He stopped his offending of his own volition,” said Mr Rees.

Buckley was said to be a “continued risk to the public”