January 2014: Jenkin has now been released

William Jenkin was jailed for 12 years in January 2008


Jenkin has numerous orders: 

1) Sex offenders register for life

2) Not to work with or be involved in organised activity with children aged under 16

3) Not to reside or stay in a household where there is children under 16

4) Not to associate with any child under 16 in a private or public place unless accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility and who has knowledge of Jenkin previous sexual offending

exclusion zone where Jenkin has been banned from


Pervert jailed for sexual abuse of child – The victims story

My childhood memories still nipped at my heels, blighting my life, all because of that man….

When I was younger my mum and dad often sent me for tea around my grandparents house. 

They were my mum’s folks and i’d feast on hearty stews, or play hide and seek with my grandad. But Bill Jenkin, my mum’s older brother also lived there

He was an overweight drunk who stumbled home from the local pub. He would be angry and argumentative, then he would demand dinner in his bedroom.

Sometimes I would take his dinner up to him on a tray – something I always dreaded.

Hardly anyone was allowed in his room. As soon as his door was open, a putrid stench escaped. Bill was too lazy to go to the bathroom, so a bucketful of vomit and urine sat next to his bed.

I’d throw the tray down and bolt for the door, gulping in as much fresh air as I possibly could

One day when I was eight years old, Bill who was then aged 33 years old had pounced from underneath the duvet. He was completely naked.

I’d tried to scream out but his hand clamped over my mouth. 

Then he took my hand and forced it between his legs. 

His hot rancid breath sickened me as he grunted: ‘This is our special secret’

Afterwards I ran outside, confusion pounding. I’d known I had done something grown-ups did…… I thought I had been a naughty girl.

So I vowed not to tell anyone, and after when gran – who had no idea what had happened – asked me to take Bills plate of food up to him again. I felt my stomach churn.

Sometimes he didn’t move. Other days he rammed his hands under my clothes and forced me to touch him until he became satisfied.

One day when I was aged 10 years old, he pushed me onto the bed and raped me.

I blanked out the pain, yet the humiliation and shame burnt deep. “Im not going there for tea again”, I told mum. She didn’t ask any questions, but then nobody knew what Bill had done to me.

Desperate to escape the horror, I shut myself off from the family and even my mum.

Many years later, I finally built up the courage to see my GP. He prescribed anti depressants and referred me for counselling 

I never went into detail about the abuse I suffered, but I talked about my feelings of despair.

By now, I had, had my second child. Two little girls. I carried on my counselling and gradually life felt good again

Until one day, my mum was chatting on the phone saying how my gran had visitors who had a little girl. ‘shes there today’, she said. ‘she is being potty trained and shes running around’

Suddenly I thought of that little innocent girl in that house with my warped uncle. Would she be his next victim?

Immediately, I went to see my counsellor, I broke down, spilling out my fears and the awful story of what Bill had done to me

‘I need to report this to the police’, my counsellor told me

His words left me weak with relief. I’d been scared to act myself, shame of bringing shame on my family. Now the matter was out of my hands 

‘Im giving a statement to the police tomorrow’ I told my husband

He hugged me tightly and said: ‘We will get through this together’

Days later I recorded a video statement with CID officers

Bill was then formerly arrested and bailed to gran’s address. All of our relatives with children were warned to keep away from him.

My family were shocked and devastated. My mum was distraught. 

But then I heard that another woman had come forward too., saying Bill had also abused her. Thats when I knew I had done the right thing

This man had to be stopped before he destroyed another child’s life

Bill denied everything so there was a trial

‘Dont expect too much’, the police officer warned me gently. It is notoriously difficult to get a conviction so long after the offences had taken place

In the run up to the trial, my emotions ran riot. I shied away from my husband in bed, unable to forgive the evil of my past.

But my husband was so patient. He even bought me a cocker spaniel puppy. ‘He will be your guardian angel’, he said. 

I named him Snoopy and he gave me a reason to get out of the house by taking him for long walks

I’d already told me children that Bill was a bad man, but as the court case drew nearer, I sat them down and explained everything.

My children were now 15,14 and 13 years old and they were appalled. ‘we love you mum’, they sobbed. 

Finally at Exeter crown court, I stood in the witness box and saw my uncle, dishevelled and smirking. Then I saw my mum’s face, pale and horrified. Then I looked at my husband trying to stifle his tears

I wept too, telling the court what had happened all those years ago. 

Then as the verdict came, I held my breath. My heart racing. 

Bill was found guilty of rape, three counts of indecent assault and indecency with a child.

But on the judges direction, Bill was found not guilty of one count of indecent assault and another count of indecency with a child. 

My uncle was jailed for 12 years and put on the sex offenders register for life.

Hearing the handcuffs snap around Bill’s wrists, relief flooded through me. It was over

As he was led away, an iron gate slammed behind him. ‘Get used to it you bastard’, my husband shouted. 

I am finally coming out of the darkness that has shadowed my life for so long. 

Mum and I are rebuilding our relationship and I am training to be a sexual-abuse counsellor.

Bill robbed me of my past, BUT HE WILL NOT ROB ME OF MY FUTURE!