December 2017

Sex offender caught with extreme porn on his phone

Sex offender Peter Hemingway was caught with extreme pornographic images on his phone.

The 26-year-old was jailed for five years in 2013 after being convicted of some serious sexual offences involving a six year old girl

As part of the sentence he was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Protection Order, which, among other restrictions, prevented him accessing extreme images.

But when police made a routine visit to the defendant’s Silverdale home they discovered he had been accessing images of a woman having sex with an animal.

Now Hemingway has been jailed for four months at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Prosecutor Hunter Gray said police made a routine visit to the defendant’s home in Silverdale on February 14.

He said: “An officer was given access to the defendant’s mobile. He checked the internet history and it was clear the defendant had been accessing extreme images. He seized the phone and sent it off for analysis. It was found to contain 24 videos of bestiality.

“The next day the defendant was recalled to prison.”

Hemingway, formerly of High Street, Silverdale, pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing extreme pornographic images.

Representing himself, the defendant said he had been in custody since February. He added: “I am disgusted with myself for what I have done. I have spoken to officers in prison to see if there are any courses I might be able to do with regards to coming out of this a better person.”

Judge Paul Glenn told Hemingway: “You were convicted in October 2013 of some serious sexual offences which resulted in a five year sentence.

“When police came to your home on February 14 they found evidence on your phone that you had been accessing sites featuring bestiality.

“There were 24 videos. The seven we know the details of featured an adult female.

“I do not understand how anyone can derive any sexual gratification from viewing such material.

“You have expressed disgust at your actions.”

October 2013

Rugeley child sex offender jailed

A RUGELEY man who sexually abused a six year old girl has been jailed for five years.

Peter Hemingway began by touching the little girl intimately when left alone with her.

But the sexual assaults progressed to him putting his fingers in the girl’s vagina, Stafford crown court heard.

The abuse happened a number of times over a six month period at a house in Rugeley, until the girl’s family discovered what Hemingway was doing to her.

Daniel White, prosecuting, said when police arrested the defendant in July last year, he began to cry.

Hemingway, aged 22, of Greenfields Drive, Rugeley admitted five specimen charges of sexual assault.

Judge Simon Tonking told him: “What harm you have done to [the girl’s] life cannot be predicted. Young children often bear the mental scars for a long time, if not for ever. I accept you are sorry, you were ashamed of what you were doing even while you were doing it.”

Along with the jail sentence, Hemingway was also ordered to register as a sex offender and banned from working with children indefinitely.

Michael Anning, defending, said it was no coincidence that Hemingway began offending just after the death of his mother.

Hemingway had made no threats to the girl not to tell or offered her any inducements.

“It has taken him some time to come to terms with what he has done. He can barely believe what he himself has done, it came at a tortured time in his life,” said Mr Anning.