December 2017

Margate sex offender that stalked a nursery worker and made her too scared to go to work alone

A convicted sex offender from Margate has been jailed again after he stalked a nursery worker, making her too scared to walk to work on her own.

Serial flasher Ricky Neville, 49, of Grosvenor Place, stalked his victim on three separate occasions outside the nursery school in which she worked.

The court heard how on Thursday, September 21 the woman was at work and when she went outside she saw Neville acting very strangely and looking at her.

He darted behind a tree, hid for a couple of minutes and then crept back out.

The woman shouted to him that she could see him and he walked off down an alleyway towards a local swimming pool.

The worried victim reported the incident to the police.

During the evening of Thursday, September 28, when the woman was at work again, she looked out of the window to see Neville walking past the railings outside the nursery.

She was once again afraid and called the police immediately.

Officers arrived and escorted her home.

During the third incident at around 7pm on Monday, October 2, the woman had travelled to work with her sister in order to feel more secure. Neville was spotted again acting suspiciously outside.

She called her partner who came to her work and chased him away.

The victim was able to confirm Neville’s identity to officers during enquiries and he was subsequently charged.

Neville who had not long been released from prison admitted to stalking and breaching a sexual offences prevention order, which he’d been given by the court following his previous conviction.

Among other things the order prevents him from being within 100 metres of children and in public parks, private gardens and church yards unsupervised.

He was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court yesterday (December 18).

December 2014

Serial flasher locked up AGAIN

Serial flasher locked up

A Margate man – banned from going to parks and churchyards for touching himself in public – was nabbed doing it again in Crab and Winkle Way.

Naked Ricky Neville, 46, was spotted by two women walking along the popular cycle path in Whitstable in June.

Police were called and chased a man from the path into All Saints Church where he managed to escape.

But Canterbury Crown Court heard that he left behind his stained jeans which matched his DNA.

Now Neville, of Gosvenor Place, has been jailed for 32 months for breaching Sexual Prevention Orders on three occasions and outraging public decency.

The court heard how a week after the Crab and Winkle incident an off-duty detective spotted Neville in William Street, Herne Bay standing near public toilets.

Neville claimed he was on his way to a Sci Fi Fair which was being held at a nearby school..claiming he thought it would be OK as it was on a Sunday when children wouldn’t be present.

Then in September police were alerted to a man abusing himself in woodland near Ursuline School in Westgate and Neville was later arrested.

He denied being in the woods but officers discovered he was carrying a mega rider bus ticket which had been used that day in the same area.

Judge Simon James told him he was someone unable to control himself from self-abuse in public areas.

“You have been convicted of exposing yourself, particularly to young women, time and time again.

“This will be of significant upset to your victims. You found yourself in such places as a well known and loved public path – what you did is more sinister than simply being a public nuisance.”

Neville’s previous convictions including going to a school and assaulting a young girl and has five convictions for breaching his SOPO dating back to 2008.

The judge added: “You have little or no ability to control your behaviour and you cause considerable harm and upset to others. You have also flagrantly and repeatedly ignored court orders.”

September 2011

Serial flasher locked up


A serial flasher tracked down by a group of residents near a Canterbury play area has been jailed for two years.

Ricky Neville, 43, was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court after admitting twice breaching a sexual offences prevention order which banned him from entering public parks and gardens, play areas, churchyards and woodland. 

The former radio presenter had previously been jailed in 2009 for similar offences and had numerous convictions for indecent exposure and outraging public decency

Denzil Pugh, prosecuting, told the court that Neville was first seen on the afternoon of July 23 near where children were playing in Forester Close, Canterbury.

Later he was seen in the North Holmes Road area near St Gregory’s church and spotted peering through a fence. When some children banged on the fence, he made off, looking as if he was doing up his trousers.

Mr Pugh said that several parents went looking for him and found him in the churchyard with his hands near his groin facing a children’s play area.

“There were children there and if he had exposed himself, it would have been in full view of them,” added Mr Pugh.

Oliver Saxby, for Neville, who lives in Grosvenor Place, Margate, said his client’s compulsion to expose himself was ‘akin to a drug user having a drug habit’.

But he said he was trying to rid himself of it and was in contact with a special clinic which treats people with obsessional compulsive disorders.

But jailing him for two years, Judge Adele Williams said her prime duty was to protect the public and children against him.

She added: “Your selfish approach in thinking nothing but of your own sexual gratification ignores the rest of us in society and particularly children who need to be protected from your activity.

December 2009

Thanet flasher jailed after being found in bushes

Habitual Thanet flasher Ricky Neville is back behind bars having been caught without trousers and performing a lewd act in bushes.

He then walked into a primary school playground – both actions breaching a sexual offences prevention order slapped on him by Canterbury Crown Court for exposing himself and breaching a community order.

Neville, 41, of Grosvenor Place, Margate, was back in front of the same court on Wednesday for his latest breaches committed in April and was told by Judge Adele Williams her duty was to protect the public.

She told Neville it was to be hoped that when he was released after serving his three-year sentence, psychiatrists may be able to help him bring an end to his obsession.

The court had been told by Neville’s lawyer, Oliver Saxby, that a condition had been diagnosed.

Alice Dobbie, prosecuting, said on April 4, Neville was seen on a footpath in Margate by a witness who was uneasy about his behaviour as he was ducking behind bushes and she called the police.

But he had already been spotted by a plain clothes officer who saw Neville in bushes without any trousers performing the sex act and then walking past a primary school and into the playground.

Neville had a prolific history of committing offences of exposure or outraging public decency and been sentenced to various orders including prison and community penalties with a view to rehabilitation but all fruitless.

The court imposed a new sex offences prevention order banning Neville from entering public parks and gardens, churchyards and woods and going within 100 metres of a school.

He must not be alone with any child under 16 unless a parent or guardian is present and is banned from seafronts and must not be found in public toilets without lower clothing.

The order and a sex offenders registration order were made indefinitely as was a ban from working with children.

“Take time during this sentence to reflect on where you are going at 41 and take such help as is available to you,” Judge Williams told Neville.

Mr Saxby told the court Neville was keen to stop commiting such offences and his guilty pleas were to his credit.

The court ordered 246 days served on remand count towards Neville’s sentence.