Update July 2016: Released Back to York

June 2013: Jailed for six years

April 2013

Man cleared of rapes but not of sexual activity with teenage girl

Jodi Martinson

Cleared of six rapes but placed on the sex offender register for sexual activity with a teenage girl, a West Heslerton man has been warned that all options on sentencing remain.

Jodi Martinson, 38, of Wold View, had denied six rape charges, two of cruelty to a child and one each of sexual assault and assault by penetration in a seven day trial before York Crown Court.

After a nine-and-a-quarter hour deliberation, the jury returned not guilty verdicts on all but the charge of assault by penetration involving one of two alleged teenage victims.

All the offences were said to have taken place over a 17 year period, involving two victims at different times.

Nicholas Barker, prosecuting, told the jury that Martinson, whose identical twin brother is a vicar, was alleged to be a controlling man who forced his victims to eat dog food off the floor, as well as forcing himself on the victims.

The former soldier was alleged to have used various methods, including forcing his victims into military stress positions and making them eat the dog food, to scare and persuading them into believing that what was happening was legal and not to tell anyone during a period of the alleged abuse said to have started in 1995.

The jury was told that Martinson, a motor mechanic, allegedly also used sexually explicit and pornographic films, along with alcohol, to get his way with the girls, both who are now young women.

The rape and sexual assault allegations, some of which were specimens of an alleged course of conduct by Martinson, are said to have been committed in several places, including in Martinson’s tent whilst he was attending a motorcycle rally at Helmsley with members of his family and friends.

Martinson told the court that all the alleged offences never took place.

His barrister, Taryn Turner, told the jury that the case boiled down to an “issue of credibility”, whether Martinson was telling the truth, or the alleged victims were.

The defendant claimed that that there had been malicious collusion between the alleged victims, the jury hearing that one only came forward with the majority of the allegations after a complaint by the other.

The jury found Martinson guilty of the offence alleged by one of the victims to have taken place in the tent during July 2010.

A further allegation of sexual assault was withdrawn during the trial and the jury directed by the judge to return a not guilty verdict on it.

Adjourning sentencing for a pre-sentence report, The Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, was told that a psychiatric report was being considered by the defence because of Martinson’s history of mental health issues, including depression.

Ordering that Martinson be placed on the sex offenders register, the judge said that the length of the registration would depend on the eventual sentence.