September 2017

A child rapist had to run for his life after horrified parents ­discovered he had been living next door.

David Holland, aka David Adams 48, was chased out of a flat in Glasgow’s east end on Thursday night and police are understood to have told families he will not return.

The Northern Irish pervert moved to Scotland in 2006 but was jailed for eight-and-a-half years in 2009 for raping a 14-year-old girl he had given alcohol to in Bangor, County Down.

After being granted early release, he returned to Glasgow and was thrown in jail earlier this year after being found in the company of an underage girl in ­defiance of licence rules.

After his recent release, Holland, whose real surname is Adams, had been living incognito at his ­girlfriend Linda Weir’s flat until neighbours discovered Holland’s ­identity this week.

One furious dad said: “Word got about on Thursday after a social worker told one parent who he was. A group of mums and dads gathered outside the flat. They weren’t ­threatening him or anything but they wanted him out.

“The guy has come out the door and I ended up chasing him out of the close.”

In June, residents at a tower block in Milton, Glasgow, campaigned for him to be removed after he was caught in the company of a child.

His father John Adams, 77, is a serial child abuser who is serving four life sentences in Dublin for grooming girls.

His brother Billy, 50, is also doing life for grooming and raping an 11-year-old girl, weeks after being freed from jail for raping a child of eight.

March 2017

Warrant is issued for gun accused by Craigavon judge

A judge in Craigavon has issued an arrest warrant for a man living in Scotland after commenting he would be “hard pushed” to get there in an hour.

A defence barrister for 48-year-old David Holland suggested he had been excused from attending Craigavon Magistrates Court yesterday, but District Judge Bernie Kelly said there was “no way he was excused … because I dealt with it – the chances of me excusing him are nil.”

At around 1pm, Judge Kelly said “if he isn’t here by 2, I will issue a warrant”.

Holland, from Scaraway Street in Glasgow, is accused alongside Daniel Duffy of possessing a firearm in suspicious circumstances last March 19. Duffy, from James Street in Lurgan, attended court and was released on continuing bail. Issuing a warrant for Holland’s arrest, Judge Kelly said that when it is executed, “he will need a Northern Ireland address because I won’t be releasing him without one.”

Update: Convicted child rapist David Adams of Lurgan was taken into police custody last night at approx 10pm for his own protection.

We have since learnt that he was using several fake names including: ‘Davey Holland’ & ‘David Irwin’

He also has an active Facebook account where he has befriended over 700 teenage girls.

He has broken several conditions of his license and is likely to be returned to prison to finish off a previous sentence


May 2016: Now living on Union street Lurgan

March 2009

Man jailed for raping schoolgirl


This is the cocky sleazebag who has become the THIRD member of his family to be convicted of child rape.

A man has been jailed for eight and a half years after he raped a schoolgirl in a flat in Bangor, County Down.

David Adams, 40, who is originally from Northern Ireland but whose address was given as Holmlea Road in Glasgow, was branded a “serious risk to children”.

Adams was found guilty by a jury last month of raping the girl, committing her to perform an act of gross indecency and indecent assault.

The girl was between 13 and 14-years-old when the offences occurred in 2006.

Despite being found guilty, Adams continues to deny the charges.

The jury heard the incidents took place at a flat in Bangor which was occupied by a friend of Adams and frequented by the teenager.

Downpatrick Crown Court heard that on the day of the rape, Adams and the girl were alone in the flat and they went into the bedroom.

“I agreed to have sex with him but when I asked him to stop he wouldn’t stop,” she told police.

She said that after the incident, Adams moved to Scotland, but sent her text messages telling her he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She said he had asked her to run away with him.

Adams was arrested in Glasgow in June 2007 and brought back to Northern Ireland for questioning.

Defence barrister David Hopley told the judge his client had a “pretty appalling childhood” and was himself the victim of sexual abuse.

He said the impact of the abuse had a “tremendous effect” on Adams, adding his client was a “very vulnerable and fragile individual” who has “difficulty reading and writing”.

Judge Loughran told Adams that while the teenage girl frequented the flat that did not “in any way reduce the culpability in taking advantage of her” for “sexual gratification”.

“At the time of the offences she was aged between 13 and 14. At the time of the offences, you were 37,” she said. “She was a child, you were an adult.”

She sentenced Adams to serve eight years in prison for raping the girl with two additional three-month consecutive sentences for gross indecency and indecent assault.


Family of rapists

His father, John Adams, a serial child abuser, is serving four life sentences in Dublin for grooming three young girls — aged to six to 10 years — for sex.

Click this link for the conviction of John Adams

John Adams

And his brother William ‘Billy’ Adams is serving a life sentence for grooming and raping an 11-year-old girl he met in Liverpool only weeks after his release from jail in Northern Ireland, where he served six years for raping an eight-year-old Co Down girl.


Click this link for the conviction of William ‘Billy’ Adams