July 2018

Anthony Cox. Salisbury Street, Barton Hill. Age: 55. Made an indecent photograph of a child.

Jailed for six months. Offence so serious because of search history on your computer and because of previous offending.

Must pay victim surcharge of £115. Sign sex offenders register for seven years.

June 2013

One-legged serial flasher jailed


A ONE-legged, serial flasher hooked on carrying out lewd acts around Bristol has been handed a maximum two years’ jail.

Anthony Cox continued his obscene obsession even after undergoing sex-offender treatment.

When he struck in Clifton he “came to the end of the road”, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Police arrested him and he told them he was fully aware of what he was doing, but did not know why.

Cox, 50, of Salisbury Street, Barton Hill, pleaded guilty to exposure.

Judge Carol Hagen was handed a pre-sentence report from the probation service, suggesting he carry out 150 hours’ unpaid work, which she branded “wholly inappropriate”.

She told Cox: “You are a persistent offender. It is clear you have a problem. It has been demonstrated that leaving you in the community is no longer an option.

“The time has come for a deterrent sentence. You do not seem to have learned from opportunities you have been given. Earlier there was a breach with a probation order because you failed to comply. The sentence is severe. You have come to the end of the road.”

Cox, right, was ordered to sign as a sex offender for ten years.

Neil Treharne, prosecuting, said it was around midday on June 11 when police received a report from two women that there was a man in Elmdale Road, Clifton, openly performing a lewd act outside his car.

Mr Treharne said: “Another female with a child reported it. He had been there five to ten minutes before he left the area.

“Police went to the scene at 1.30pm and saw the defendant return to his vehicle. Following a description given to them they decided he was the suspect and he was arrested.”

The court heard Cox was obliging and confirmed he was there earlier.

He told police he had gone there to visit the bank in Whiteladies Road, performed the act for five or ten minutes and then went to the bank.

He accepted there were several people present and said he paused if they came near him and denied directing his actions at anyone.

Mr Treharne said that four weeks earlier magistrates handed Cox a community order for a similar offence.

In that incident, which occurred in Waterside Drive, Almondsbury, on April 8, Cox offended while sitting on a motorbike and wearing a crash helmet. A woman out jogging with her seven-year-old son asked him what he thought he was doing.

Cox made no reply. But when threatened with a call to police, he said: “I’m just waiting for a friend.”

The woman noted his bike registration number and told police.

Cox was convicted of eight sexual offences between 1984 and 2011, and had convictions for having a blade and possessing indecent images of children. The court heard that in 2001 he was given a three-year community rehabilitation order which included a sex-offender programme, which temporarily halted his offending.

Matthew Comer, defending, said: “There is no doubt that Mr Cox has a fairly extensive list of sexual offences. For the most part they are relatively minor. There are no contact offences. It is an enigma as to why this takes place.”

Mr Comer said when things were going well for his client the problem did not manifest, and he abstained from crime from 2001 to 2008 when he was happily married and working. But the court heard Cox re-offended when his marriage ended

October 2009

A convicted paedophile who committed a lewd act outside a Bristol bakery has been jailed for 15 weeks

A convicted flasher who committed a lewd act outside a Bristol bakery has been jailed for 15 weeks.

Anthony Cox was observed as he committed the offence outside Greggs bakers on Gloucester Road, Bristol Crown Court heard.

A concerned passer-by alerted nearby supermarket security staff and he was arrested.

Cox, 46, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to exposure following the incident in July.

The court heard he had been recalled to serve a previous prison sentence of two years and eight weeks, for affray and possessing indecent images of children with intent to distribute them, and the 15-week term will run at the end.

Jonathan Stanniland, prosecuting, told the court pedestrian Michael Swann was walking along Gloucester Road when he saw Cox in a Land Rover, mid-offence, and did a “double take”.

Mr Swann shouted at him, asking him what he was doing, before reporting the incident to security staff at a Somerfield store, Mr Stanniland said.

The court heard Cox had three previous convictions for indecent exposure as well as gross indecency with a girl aged under 16.

Ramin Pakrooh, defending, said there were not many options available to Judge Michael Longman as, because of his recall to prison, Cox’s earliest release was in April next year.

Mr Pakrooh said there had been circumstances in the past when Cox had accepted what he had done.

He said that although HMP Hewell, had no sex-offender programme, plans could be drawn up following sentence to transfer Cox to a prison that did.