November 2016

Child rapist Graham Brook dies of cancer in HMP Hull


A child rapist who abused four boys and girls while babysitting died in Hull prison.

Graham Brook, 65, was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2011 but lost his battle with cancer on February 29 while serving his sentence in HMP Hull.

He had pleaded guilty to 55 charges of rape and indecent assault and was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life. Brook also had a previous conviction from 1966 for gross indecency with a four-year- old girl.

Hull Coroners Court heard Brook, formerly of Feldbridge Close, east Hull, died of natural causes after he was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in October 2015.

But coroner Professor Paul Marks agreed with the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman’s conclusions that Brook’s death might have been prevented if he had agreed to the bowel cancer screenings and colonoscopies offered to him.

On behalf of the ombudsman, Nigel Newcomen said: “If Mr Brook had agreed to bowel cancer screening and a colonoscopy doctors may have diagnosed the cancer sooner and he could have received active care.”

Instead, when he was diagnosed with cancer, Brook had just months to live and he was transferred to the palliative care suite in the prison.

The court heard he had been offered screenings on several occasions since he was jailed because he was over 60.

Prof Marks said: “If Mr Brook had availed himself of the screening programme, which I believe is a screening programme for those over 60, his death may have been prevented.”

When he was jailed in 2011, Hull Crown Court heard Brook’s “wicked and cruel” offending robbed his “little” victims of their childhoods.

He had pleaded guilty to 55 sex offences of rape and indecent assault, all of which took place more than 20 years before his conviction.

May 2011

Babysitter raped children in his care

A BABYSITTER who raped and sexually assaulted children as young as three has been jailed.

Graham Barry Brook, 61, targeted four boys and girls over a ten-year period.

He had been trusted to babysit for some of them and others he lured to his bedroom on the pretence of showing them pet mice and frogs. All the offences took place more than 20 years ago.

Recorder Graham Hyland QC told Brook his offending was “wicked and cruel” and he had robbed the children of their childhoods.

He said: “You sexually abused children in the most appalling fashion. They were little children.

“You wickedly and cruelly for your own selfish sexual gratification deprived them of their childhood.

“Your offending has had a devastating affect on them.”

Brook, of Feldbridge Close, east Hull, pleaded guilty to 55 sex offences of rape and indecent assault. He has been jailed for ten years.

One victim, who was aged 5 at the time, said: “This has plagued my entire life. I have suffered flashbacks.

“At school I was scared of male teachers and I left not being able to read or write.”

Another victim, who was attacked when she was 3, said: “I cannot get the smell of him out of my mind. It will haunt me forever.

“It has impacted on every aspect of my life. I do not have any proper memories of my childhood years.”

Brook has been ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

He has been banned from working with children and being unsupervised with children for life.

Brook’s barrister, Steven Garth, said: “He would like to express his sincere regret and remorse for what he did.

“He knows the pain and suffering he has put his victims through and he knows that will never go away. He apologises for he did.”

Brook has a previous conviction from 1966 for gross indecency with a four-yearold girl.