November 2017

“Violent” rapist who kept sisters as “sexual playthings” has life sentenced increased after new victim comes forward

A “violent” rapist who used two sisters as his “sexual playthings” has been given more jail time after he was convicted of abusing a third victim.

Peter Tweed was already serving a life sentence after admitting rape and other offences against the two girls.

The 59-year-old’s sentence has now been increased by another seven-and-a-half years after he was found guilty of rape and indecent assault against a separate victim.

Tweed was 17 when he sexually abused the boy between 1975 and 1982, leaving the youngster traumatised for life, Cambridge News reports.

The victim told the court that Tweed “took my innocence and my childhood”, and robbed him of the ability to trust and show love and affection.

Tweed, previously of Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, was sentenced to life in prison in January 2006 after admitting 13 offences of rape, six offences of indecency with a child, two indecent assaults and one offence of causing actual bodily harm (ABH).

He was found guilty of new charges of rape and indecent assault after a trial in August last year.

Tweed wore a grey jumper and glasses as he was sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court via video link on Wednesday.

Prosecutor Wayne Cleaver told the court: “[The victim] observes that what Tweed did to him has had a detrimental effect on his life – emotionally, physically and mentally.

“He’s not been able to trust anyone or form normal relationships, he feels completely robbed of his own childhood. He suffers from stress and anxiety, he has been recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“In his victim impact statement he says ‘on the exterior I present as a normal person but inside I am broke. He took my innocence, my childhood, my trust and the ability to show love and affection. I have nothing to thank him for other than continuous pain and turmoil’.

“The victim is now in his 40s and is still suffering the consequences of what happened to him all those years ago.”

Jamie Hamilton, mitigating, said there was a “considerable gap” between Tweed committing the offences and their discovery by others.

He said Tweed had been in custody since 2006 and was now a man who was “not in good health” with a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Mr Hamilton said Tweed also suffers from high blood pressure and is being sentenced for offences committed when he was 17.

Increasing Tweed’s life sentence by another seven and a half years, Recorder Martin Oldham said what went on all those years ago was “very, very unpleasant” and said Tweed had “clearly wrecked” his victim’s lives.

He told Tweed: “You touched his [the victim’s] genitalia, he was a young child. There was the implicit threat of violence.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that you are unpleasant and obnoxious, but I do not regard you as a dangerous offender [at this stage].”

Back in 2006, Peterborough Crown Court heard that Tweed used two sisters as his sexual playthings – first raping one of the girls when she was aged just 12 and the other was 13.

Peterborough Crown Court heard that the charges were samples reflecting two acts of rape against each girl a year, although there were many more cases.

William Redgrave, prosecuting at Tweed’s original sentencing in 2006, said Tweed was a “bullying, continually violent sexual predator” who coerced the girls into committing all kids of “increasingly serious and degrading” sexual acts.

One of the girls moved away, but Tweed continued to have sex with her sister and she subsequently had two children by him.

Tweed went to her home every night for sex, locking her in and taking the key when he left, sealing the door to show if it had been opened.

The girl dramatically altered her weight to put Tweed off, but she began to find courage after befriending other members of her slimming group.

She then became concerned Tweed was turning his attention to her daughter and contacted the sister she had not spoken to for 23 years, which led to the police being alerted in June 2004.

January 2006

Sisters’ sex attacker gets life


A “bullying, controlling, violent” pervert has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the systematic rape and abuse of two young sisters.

He fathered two children by one of his victims, kept her prisoner in a flat and had complete control over her.

The abuse had started when the woman was aged around eight and her sister around 12 and continued until the last few years.

Peter Tweed, who lived in another Huntingdonshire town at the time of the offences, bullied his child victims into becoming his sexual playthings, even forcing them to have sex together to fuel his sordid fantasies.

After the ploy failed the woman, who is in her 30s, told police about the way she – and her sister – had been abused by Peter Tweed from the mid 1970s.

Tweed (48) of Ramsey, Cambs was given a life sentence with a tariff of 13 years after pleading guilty to 13 rapes, six counts of indecency with a child, two counts of indecent assault and one charge of assault.

‘Violent sexual predator’

The court heard how Tweed had vicious nicknames for the two sisters calling them “slag” and “bitch”.

William Redgrave, prosecuting, said Tweed rented hard core videos and made the girls watch them.

One girl eventually escaped his clutches at the age of 18 but the other was forced to continue having sex with him into her mid-30s. He fathered her two children.

Tweed kept her a prisoner in a council flat, visiting her every other night. When he left, he would lock her and her children inside, taking the keys and taping around the door frame so he knew if she had tried to go out.

Mr Redgrave said Tweed even set up CB radio between his home and the flat and called at all times of the night to check she was in.

His sickening crimes only came to light after his victim lost 10 stone through a slimming club.

She gained the confidence to contact her sister for the first time in 20 years and together they decided to trap their tormentor.

The sister still in his power hid a tape recorder in the flat before staging an argument with Tweed, during which she forced him to confess what he had done to her and her sister throughout their teens.

Mr Redgrave told the court: “Peter Tweed was a bullying, controlling, violent figure who coaxed the girls into committing acts of increasing sexual depravity.”

He said one of the girls “had been conditioned and bullied into becoming a sexual plaything and had no chance of getting out of that lifestyle.

“The sexual behaviour he expected from her became exceptionally violent… and any sensible description of this activity as consensual is unrealistic.

“Any spirit she may have had was crushed out of her. She became a sexual plaything and a puppet for him to act out his increasingly unpleasant sexual desires on. The objects used became increasingly too unpleasant to contemplate.”

Mr Redgrave said Tweed told the girls to prove that they loved him and told them he was bringing them closer together by forcing them to have sex with each other.

He would often wield a leather belt to hit the girls and told them they must never tell anyone what happened.

Throughout the eventual police investigation, the court heard how Tweed saw himself as a victim, even taking an overdose before his trial was due to be heard.

Judge Nicholas Coleman told Tweed: “The conduct you showed to both girls was repulsive. In my judgement what you did defies belief.

“Fortunately, one of the girls was able to escape your attentions but no such future awaited the other. She was effectively colonised by you. She was unable to look after herself until well into her mid-30s.

“It was persistent abuse of two young girls as your sexual playthings for many years. You ruled by fear. It’s impossible to imagine the long term effect on these two young ladies.

“Your conduct demonstrates persistent perverted tendencies and in my opinion personality disorder.”

He sentenced Tweed to life for the 13 rapes with a tariff of 13 years and a recommendation he serve a minimum of six-and-a-half years.

He sentenced him to three years for the indecent assaults, three years for the assault and 18 months for the indecency charges, all to run concurrently.

Tweed was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register and banned from working with children.

John Lloyd-Jones, defending, said: “Mr Tweed has no recollection of events prior to 2005 when he took an overdose and given the nature of the incidents I have very little to offer in the way of mitigation.” He said Tweed had claimed to have loved one of the women since she had been a child and he was subject to depression.

Detective Constable Richard Croft, who led the police investigation, said: “Tweed inflicted the most horrific abuse on his victims, depriving them of their childhoods and tarnishing their lives forever.

“His depraved crimes and systematic abuse of his young victims make him a very dangerous man

“I hope the women he abused as children will now be able to rebuild their lives with the support of their friends and family.