June 2016: Ian Ginn has now been released

December 2010

My years of abuse by evil father

A brave woman has come forward to reveal how her father subjected her to years of sexual abuse.

Lisa Ginn (31) has waived her right to anonymity to expose the horrific abuse carried out by former prison warden Ian Ginn (56)

Ginn (pictured above) pleaded guilty to a string of charges at Belfast Crown Court this week, including child cruelty, gross indecency with a child, incitement to commit an act of gross indecency and indecent assault.

The abuse started in 1986 when Lisa was just seven years old.

Ginn, from Cheviot Avenue in Belfast, was sentenced to a total of 14 years imprisonment and has been ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life. The father-of-five has also been banned on his release from jail from associating with children under the age of 18 and banned from entering into any paid or voluntary employment without the approval of a probation risk manager.

Conditions will also be placed on where he can live upon his release from Maghaberry prison where it is understood he is currently on suicide watch.

A charge of rape has been left on the books.

Following the sentencing, Lisa came forward in a bid to help other abuse victims find the courage to report their abusers to the police

“I just hope my story will help put scum like that away and protect other children,” Lisa explained.

She added: “People say to me I must be pleased by the sentence and that it is now over, but it is not over.

“I still have to live with what happened every day. When I can sleep, I still have nightmares about him.

“At the minute I feel as if someone has died or something, but I will get better.

“I will move on one day. I am determined to.”

‘It’ stood and stared at me in the court… and at that moment I just felt pure hatred’

Confused by conflicting emotions, Lisa Ginn watched as her father was led handcuffed from the courtroom to begin a 14-year jail sentence for subjecting her to years of horrific sexual abuse.

Ian Ginn blew kisses to his other children before turning to stare coldly at his eldest daughter, who was torn between feelings of hate and sympathy for the man who robbed her of her innocence and ruined her childhood.

The shocking case has torn the family apart and left Lisa estranged from her mother, three brothers and one sister, who are struggling to come to terms with the revelations.

Lisa, who is now 31 and a mother of two young girls, was just seven when the abuse started and for more than a decade her father sexually attacked her on an almost daily basis.

“Watching it (him) in court I felt very, very angry. I also felt nervous. For a fraction I felt sorry for it, and I have no idea where that came from. I say ‘it’ because it’s not a dad to me at all. You should have seen it in court. It started blowing kisses and smiling at family members sitting behind me and mouthing ‘I love you’. It then stood and stared at me for about a minute. At that moment I just felt pure hatred. It has no idea of the pain it has caused,” Lisa told the Belfast Telegraph as she sat nursing her newborn baby girl.

“The abuse started when I was seven. I had chickenpox and he made me stand naked and checked me and then touched me.

“From then it happened every single night,” Lisa said.

“I used to wear tons of tights to bed and I wouldn’t wash just to try and make sure it wouldn’t come in and do the things it did at night-time. Night-time was its favourite time to come in. It did everything to me and it made me do things to it, and I was made to watch filthy pornographic films.

“When I was about 13 the abuse was really bad and I told a school friend what was happening. The next thing I found myself down in the family centre. One of my brothers told me that it was in the house trying to kill himself because of me.

“The police and social workers were all sitting there asking me if it was true. I sat there willing the courage to come from somewhere to say yes — but I couldn’t find it. I just wanted to get the words out, but all I could think of was him at home killing himself. I ended up saying I had made it up. I regret not having the courage to report him then because I wouldn’t have had nearly as much grief or pain.”

Lisa, who said she tried to commit suicide on a number of occasions because of the effect the abuse had on her, finally decided to report her father two years ago when her own daughter turned seven.

“He is so manipulative. He got them (her family) all believing I was a liar. I had no support from my family at all. I really needed my mum and she wasn’t there. But I don’t blame her for one minute. She is very ill now and I just don’t know if I will ever get the chance to have that conversation with her, to tell her what happened. She is the loveliest wee woman and my heart goes out to her.

“It is all so sad. I can’t even begin to describe the pain. I am a master of disguises — you wouldn’t know anything is wrong with me. I can stop my eyes from filling up, but inside me is a complete and utter mess.”

Lisa said that although she still has nightmares and is still finding it difficult to deal with the years of abuse, she is determined to repair her life and help other victims.

“I will move on one day. When I get better I am determined to set up a charity and help other people like me. I want my story to help put scum like that away and protect children. I want my story to let others know you can do it.

“No child, teenager or adult should have to go through things like that.”