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November 2012

Irish nag seller caged for Swede teens rape

A MILLIONAIRE Irish horse trader has been caged in Sweden for raping two teenage girls.

John Ryan, 62, from Carlow but living in the Scandanavian country, got three and a half years.

He was also ordered to pay one of his victims €21,000 and the other €15,000. The beast raped the two girls in the back of his horse box on remote roads in Holland and Belgium in 2003 and 2004.

One of his victims told a Swedish court: “I couldn’t do anything because he was so strong — it was terrifying.”Prosecutor Tom Svensson said: “The two victims were very brave — and even Ryan cried when they gave their evidence to the court.”

He also praised gardai for helping to nail the pervert who had been travelling through Europe on a false passport.