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November 2012

Man filmed himself having sex with 15-year-old girl in school uniform

A man who asked a teenage girl to wear a school uniform before he had sex with her has been jailed for 44 months.

A court heard how Kevin Donnelly, 30, contacted the girl through a social networking site and persuaded her to come to his home in Shotts, Lanarkshire.

The 15-year-old made a number of visits and Donnelly filmed their encounters.

The footage, together with images of other girls, was found when police raided Donnelly’s house after the girl falsely claimed she had been raped.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, defence advocate Margaret Breslin said the teenager made four statements to police alleging that Donnelly had compelled her to have sex and to perform other sexual acts.

It was only when officers questioned her again, after finding the images on Connelly’s computer, that she admitted her previous allegations had been lies.

First offender Donnelly appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court and pleaded guilty to a total of five charges.

He admitted having unlawful sex with one girl when she was only 14-years-old and a second charge of continuing to have sex with the same girl when she was older but still under the age of 16.

He also admitted having sex on a number of occasions with the 15-year-old girl who would dress up at his request.

Donnelly further admitted possessing a cache of child pornography images and a charge of making or downloading the images between January 2004 and December 2011.

A court heard that Donnelly’s hoard of 10,524 indecent photographs and “home movies” had been carefully catalogued and filed away with the name of the girl, where she came from, her age and the number of times she had visited.

Donnelly was sent to the High Court in Edinburgh for a judge to consider a heavier sentence than a sheriff can impose and jailed for 44 months.

On Wednesday, Ms Breslin said Donnelly had been seeking psychological help since 2003 and had been diagnosed as suffering from social anxiety disorder which led to compulsive behaviour and “orderliness”. The lawyer added that psychologists said Donnelly appeared to be like a teenager himself.

Jailing him, judge Lord Bracadale said the charges reflected a course of sexual conduct with girls under the age of 16.

He added: “Having made contact with girls on a social networking site on the internet you persuaded them to travel to your house where you persuaded them to have sex.”

The judge continued: “You also filmed the sexual activity with one of them – and with other girls.”

Lord Bracadale also made an order extending the time Donnelly will remain on licence after his release by a further three years when he will be closely monitored.