June 2013

Convicted paedophile posed as TV casting agent on Bebo


A sex offender who posed as a casting agent for TV programmes on the social networking site Bebo and set up an “audition” for a 16-year-old boy whom he then sexually assaulted, has been jailed for 4½ years at Trim Circuit Court.

The court heard that Anthony Luckwill (40), of Clondalkin, Dublin, had lived in Navan, Co Meath at the time of the offence on June 7th, 2011, and the teen had been brought to his home for the “audition” by his mother.

Luckwill had created what looked like a document from a fictitious casting agency which he sent the boy and which arranged a “casting” interview for him at Luckwill’s home, the court heard.

He also sent him sexually suggestive messages in relation to what might occur at auditions and said that it was common for casting agents to have sexual relations with potential actors.

Mother concerned: His mother had brought him to the “audition” and had become slightly concerned and took Luckwill aside. The court heard she told him that if anything inappropriate happened that she would kill Luckwill.

She left him with her son for the audition and afterwards he did not tell her what had happened.

In a victim impact report, he said he had been in considerable physical pain and what happened had a devastating effect.

“My dream was to pursue a career in drama . . . I met him online and felt he could help me with my dream . . . he shattered my dream.”

He said he was now a different person and and would continue to need counselling. He added that his mother “cannot get over her guilt”.

Luckwill pleaded guilty to defilement of a child under the age of 17. He was also sentenced yesterday for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old boy on in February 2011 which took place after he asked the boy’s mother if he had an interest in acting or modelling.

She left him with Luckwill for 30 minutes during which he made the boy undress and he assaulted him. He told the boy he was measuring him for a football strip.

Gardaí were notified by the mother. In a follow-up search of his apartment they seized his computer and saw the communication via Bebo with the 16-year-old.

Luckwill has a series of convictions for possession of child pornography in Ireland and in Wales. Last October he was jailed for five months by Guernsey Magistrates Court for incitement of a child to commit an act of gross indecency while on bail for the offences in Co Meath.

He has been placed on the sex offenders register for life in Britain, the court heard.

Consecutive sentences : In relation to the 16-year-old, Judge Michael O’Shea jailed him for 2½ years and for the offence involving the 13-year-old, he imposed a two-year term.

The sentences are to run consecutively and he has been placed on the sex offenders register indefinitely. The judge also directed two years post-release supervision.

November 2012

Serial paedophile tried to prey on boy, 14


A CONVICTED paedophile, who served prison sentences in Wales and Ireland and is on the UK’s sex offender register, was jailed for five months after arriving in Guernsey and trying to lure a 14-year-old boy to his hotel room.

In the Magistrate’s Court, Anthony Luckwill, 39, admitted inciting the boy to commit an act of gross indecency with him on 6 August.

Irish national Luckwill, pictured, who was on bail at the time awaiting sentencing for a sexual offence against a 15-year-old boy, has a string of child-related convictions.

He has served prison sentences in Wales for possessing indecent images of children and breaching sex offenders’ orders.

Luckwill was extradited from Wales to Ireland in 2006, where he was jailed for two years for further child pornography offences.

April 2006

Paedophile now jailed in Ireland

A PAEDOPHILE who was extradited from Wales last year, after being caught with a mass of child pornography, has been jailed again in Ireland.

Anthony Luckwill, 33, was previously jailed in Swansea in December 2004 for 15 counts of possessing indecent images of children.

He had become notorious for targeting children across Wales, especially in Lampeter, where he had been a student before getting expelled.

Dozens of Welsh parents were so worried about Luckwill that they set up an online forum to keep tabs on his movements after learning of his obsession with pictures of young children.

And last night they told of their relief that he was again behind bars, despite continually trying to flee from justice.

Luckwill returned to his native Dublin last year, but has now received another two-year prison sentence for similar pornography offences stretching back five years.

This week he pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possession of nine images and three text files featuring adolescent boys engaged in sexually explicit acts.

The materials were found in his room at a Salvation Army-run accommodation at Granby Row, Dublin, on February 13, 2001.

Judge Yvonne Murphy said Luckwill was a person who “poses a grave risk to society” and that she “wasn’t in the least impressed” with his last-minute expression of remorse by letter.

An expert report considered that there was a high risk of Luckwill re-offending. Judge Murphy did not accept that his Asperger’s syndrome condition was related to his offending.

She noted he had been convicted at the same court in 1999 and jailed for defamation, and had two convictions in Wales for possession of child pornographic images. She ordered that Luckwill undergo two years’ post-release supervision by the probation and welfare services. Judge Murphy also directed that one of Luckwill’s computers and the criminal images should be destroyed and agreed that a second computer seized from him can be returned with the hard-drive removed.

Inspector Mary Delmar said that while there were no unlawful images on the second computer, police had found a video of young boys in their swimwear on a beach and another “inappropriate video” of Luckwill himself.

Luckwill has a string of offences to his name, both in Wales and in Ireland.

Luckwill was extradited from Wales on February 17, 2005.

He had lived at several addresses in West Wales over the previous two years, including in Lampeter, Cardigan and Carmarthen.

But the network of parents that contributed to the anti-Luckwill website stretched much further.

They say their website has focused police efforts to ensure that justice was finally served.

Last night a statement from the parents said, “While we welcome the further jailing of Luckwill we would also urge parents to maintain vigilance.

“Predatory paedophiles will always appear to be ‘nice’ people, this is how they build the trust in order to abuse children.

“The greatest weapon against such abusers is to develop and maintain a close, open and honest relationship with our children.”

Their website warns that Luckwill is a “dangerous paedophile using several aliases” to apparently contact parents and children.

But parents said that real justice was not served unless he was behind bars.

“He has a history of habitual offending, even while on probation,” they warned.

Luckwill was originally given a 30-month sentence in 1999 after he admitted that he maliciously published defamatory libels on the internet, knowing them to be false.

One of the libels alleged that a named person had asked him to film boys in the nude.

He was put under a community rehabilitation programme for three years on July 13, 2003, for having 16 images of indecent photographs of children.

And he was jailed for 25 months in Swansea on December 6, 2004, for having 14 pornographic images while on probation

December 2004

Autism group paedophile ‘disgust’

The National Autistic Society says it is “shocked and disgusted” at the case of a paedophile jailed for child pornography offences.

Anthony Peter Luckwill, 31, from Carmarthen, was jailed for a total of 25 months at Swansea Crown Court.

Luckwill attached himself to a local branch of an autism support group, claiming to suffer from Asperger’s syndrome, and set up a website.

The society said trust “was abused in the most appalling way”.

Luckwill, a former media studies student at Lampeter, was also banned by the court from owning a computer or camera for life after he admitted possessing child porn.

The court had heard that concern was first raised at the support group when he offered to make a film of young boys with Asperger’s, a form of autism.

He set up the website after he was refused.

A member of the support group accessed the site and saw that Luckwill had again raised the question of researching young boys with Asperger’s and was asking about the colour of their underpants.

Officers of the branch asked Luckwill to shut down the site.

He not only refused but he would not reveal the necessary password that would have enabled others to do so, the court heard.

The police were contacted and seized a computer at Luckwill’s home in November 2003, which contained 15 indecent images of children.

Luckwill then bought another computer system and downloaded more child porn from the internet, the court heard.

After the case the society said it was relieved Luckwill had been dealt with, but it was “worried that in only six weeks he could be free to reoffend”.

In a statement, the society said: “Support groups are, by definition, trusting and open in their activities, particularly when offering help to people on the autistic spectrum.

“In this particular case that trust was abused in the most appalling way.”

Luckwill had first been made the subject of a three year community rehabilitation order in July 2003 for a first set of offences, but carried on undeterred.

He must attend a sex offenders’ work programme and register with the police as a sex offender for the next 10 years.

Frank Phillips, defending, said Luckwill genuinely had Asperger’s.

But Judge Keith Thomas said while that might be the case he did not accept that Luckwill had a syndrome connected with his offending.