June 2018: Now released into the Bridgewater area

September 2012

Paedophile jailed for Eleven years

A convicted paedophile who disappeared from his home in his pyjamas during his trial , intending to give the impression he was ending his life in a attempt to unsettle a key witness, has been jailed for 11 years

Leslie hawkings, 58, of Tonedale, Wellington gave no thought to the  distress it would cause his wife and it was a aggravating feature of his case, Taunton crown court heard

Hawkins who was said to be married to his second wife to seven to eight years with a relatively young family was convicted 3 weeks ago of 14 offences of serious sexual abuse on two teenage girls

One of his victims had moved away, married and had put that part of her life behind her until the other girl revealed what had been happening to her. Until then she never knew, that the other girl had been abused, and in evidence spoke of her dreadful guilt, believing that if she had said something she may of saved her from Hawkings attentions.

The second victim had not been able to deal with the abuse. She had told the jury it had affected her relationships and that she longed to reveal what happened but had been unable to do until recently

Judge Graham Hume Jones told Hawkings, ” Both girls suffered from your conduct. Your family will have to live the rest of their lives with the shame “

He added, ” I cannot avoid taking into account your general behaviour in relation to this matter, you was rightly described as manipulative “

Hawkings was ordered to go on the sex offenders register for life and was automatically barred from working with children ever again.