November 2018

Convicted sex offender Andrew Dolman jailed again

A CONVICTED sex offender who formed a relationship with a single mum without telling her his true identity has been jailed.

It is now the second time Andrew Dolman, 36, has lied about who he is to women with children.

The defendant, who has been convicted of abusing two girls and an adult woman, left a Bournemouth mum “devastated” last year after meeting her via dating site Plenty of Fish using the name Andy Wood.

He was sentenced to 10 months in prison in September 2017 after admitting breaching a number of notification requirements of the sex offenders’ register.

On Friday, Dolman, of Cecil Road in Boscombe, returned to Bournemouth Crown Court to be sentenced for similar offending.

The defendant, who admitted breaching his sexual offences prevention order and failing to comply with the notification requirements of the register, was in a relationship with the Dorset woman for around two and a half months.

He was once briefly left alone with her children while she went to the shops. Prosecutors accepted he did not form the relationship with any intention of abusing the children.

Stuart Ellacott, prosecuting, said: “The defendant is under multi-agency public protection arrangements as a high-risk sex offender.”

Dolman’s victim knew he had been in prison, but believed it was for “football-related violence”, Mr Ellacott said.

The defendant has a slew of convictions relating to non-compliance with his order, the court heard.

He has previously been convicted of indecently assaulting a young girl in Warwickshire in 2000 and having sex with a girl under 16, and detaining a child, in West Dorset in 2012.

Nick Robinson, prosecuting, said Dolman’s appearance in the Daily Echo would be “tantamount to torture” for the defendant.

“This was not a targeted attempt to gain access to a child,” Mr Robinson said.

“He found a meaningful friendship and had somebody to talk to.”

The court heard Dolman was himself sexually abused from a “very young age” and has been “isolated and segregated’ by reason of his convictions.

“He did not ask to be sexually abused as a child, but he was, and he grew up to sexually abuse others,” said Mr Robinson.

“He is doing the best he can to try and live life.”

Press coverage of the case means the defendant will “continue to suffer very severely” the barrister said, adding: “It is probably the worst punishment.”

Judge Peter Crabtree said Dolman has a “history of disobedience of orders”.

“I note the probation officer’s assessment that the likelihood of reoffending is high, and that the risk or serious harm is also high given your apparent inability or unwillingness to comply with restrictions placed on you. This makes you, in the probation officer’s assessment, an unmanageable risk in the community,” the judge said.

“You have repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to comply with notification requirements, and now your sexual offences prevention order, in circumstances where they are in place for very good reason – that is, to protect young females and female children.”

Sentencing Dolman to 16 months in prison, the judge warned: “You must understand that compliance with these orders is not optional.”

September 2017

Single mum “devastated” over relationship with sex offender

A SINGLE mum with a two-year-old child was left “devastated” after learning a man she’d started a relationship with was a convicted sex offender, a court has heard.

The young Bournemouth woman had no idea Andrew Dolman – who was staying at her flat two nights a week – had indecently assaulted a young girl in Warwickshire in 2000.

Nor was she aware he’d also been convicted of having penetrative sex with a girl under the age of 16, and detaining a child, by a Weymouth court in 2012.

Under sex offence legislation Dolman is duty bound to inform police of any change of address, and is prohibited from residing in the same home as a child.

On Friday at Bournemouth Crown Court, Dolman was sentenced to ten months in prison after pleading guilty to breaching a number of notification requirements of the sex offenders register.

The court heard Dolman, age 34, had effectively “fallen off the radar” after being evicted from his address in December 2016.

He also used two aliases without informing police, which was prohibited under the terms of the sex offenders register. He used the name Robin Twist on Facebook, and Andy Wood on the dating website Plenty of Fish.

Indeed, when police finally caught up with Dolman in August, this year, he was living at the flat at Bournemouth, under the name Andy Wood.

Prosecuting, Robin Sellers said the woman he was living with “would never have entered into a relationship with the defendant had she known the true facts.”

The court also heard he’d breached notification requirements of sexual offence orders on two past occasions.

Sentencing Dolman, Judge Haggan said: “The young woman was completely oblivious to your background. She had no idea you were a sex offender.

“When she discovered the truth she was devastated.”

June 2016: Dolman is now living in Southampton

November 2012

Dorset child sex abduction man Andrew Dolman jailed


A Dorset man who pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl before later abducting her has been jailed.

Andrew Dolman, from Dorchester, was sentenced to 40 months’ imprisonment at Dorchester Crown Court.

The 30-year-old befriended the girl in Weymouth. She was reported missing on 5 August and found by police at his address the following day.

Dolman has two previous convictions for sexual offences with children under 16.

The court heard Dolman gave the girl cannabis and alcohol before engaging in sexual activity with her.

Dolman met with the girl on several occasions before abducting her, which caused concern with the girl’s mother who alerted police.

He was served with a child abduction warning notice on 29 July, which he ignored.

Following the sentence, Julia Woodward, senior crown prosecutor for Wessex Crown Prosecution Service, said Dolman “took advantage of a girl for his own sexual gratification”.

Dolman was convicted in 2000 of a sexual assault on a girl, and was convicted in 2007 of two counts of sexual activity with a child under 16.

October 2012

Prison sentence ‘inevitable’ for Dorchester man after abducting girl

A MAN who admitted abducting a 14-year-old girl and engaging in sexual activity with her has been warned a prison sentence is ‘inevitable’.

Andrew Mark Dolman, 30, appeared at Dorchester Crown Court where he admitted a charge of abducting a child between August 4 and August 7.

He also admitted an offence of sexual activity with a child between the same dates, which related to the same young girl.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared and Dolman, of Trinity Street, Dorchester, was remanded in custody until his sentence hearing on November 9.

Judge Roger Jarvis warned the defendant: “Plain it is you appreciate you have made an admission to two very serious allegations, prison is inevitable.”

The judge also ordered that Dolman be placed on the sex offenders register.