November 2011

Williams admits breaking sex offences order

A convicted sex offender has admitted breaching a court order by taking a pet cat into a children’s playground.

Thirty-two-year-old John Williams, of Grafton Road, Bedford, is banned from entering any kids’ play areas after being convicted of two offences of sexual touching four years ago.

However he has admitted breaching the sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) made by Derby Crown Court in February after a mother reported him acting suspiciously at Russell Park children’s play area, Bedford, last month. Bedford Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday how Williams was sitting at a bench inside the playground with a cat while talking to two adults and some children.

Prosecuting Camille Giffard said: “A lady in the park called the police and reports a male carrying a cat behaving strangely.

“There were about 60 children in the play area.

She found him strange because he was wearing a trench coat. She thought he may use the cat to entice children.

“The man he was with was also a registered sex offender. Williams said he had gone there to meet a young gentleman to complete a sale of an item on ebay. It is the first breach of his SOPO.