August 2013

Jailed child abuser given two more years behind bars

A FORMER Hampshire director was given an extra two years behind bars yesterday after being confronted by one of his victims over the true extent of his abusing.

Shamed Neil Townsend was sentenced to five years in jail last August for abusing seven girls.

But following that court appearance one of his victims confronted him in jail about the scale of his abuse against her.

Southampton Crown Court heard how he admitted to her that he had started to abuse when she was just seven years old and not aged about 12 as he previously admitted.

Sentencing, Judge Gary Burrell said had he known the girl was being abused at a younger age and a longer period of time, he would handed down a harsher sentence.

He said: “You took advantage of her for your own sexual gratification. The effect on her has already been mentioned; suffice to say it’s traumatic and something that will stay with her for the rest of her life.”

Townsend, of Onslow Road, Southampton, pleaded guilty to gross indecency with a child and indecent assault on a female child.

Lawrence Kiolfi, defending, said : “He has deepened his understanding on why the offending has been committed by him. He’s utterly ashamed of what he has done.”

Last August, Townsend, an active member of Waterside Tennis Club and a singer in the Hytheband 2 Generations and 2nd Generation in the 90s, admitted sexually abusing seven girls after one of his victims confronted him ten years after his crimes.

As previously reported in the Daily Echo, he then handed himself into the police when he feared his past as an abuser would come to light.

Townsend confessed he had crept into children’s bedrooms to touch them while they slept.

The court heard how one of his victims began self-harming, took an overdose and even tried to hang herself.

August 2012

Child abuser Neil Townsend behind bars after victim confronts him

Neil Townsend

A HAMPSHIRE company director who sexually abused seven girls is behind bars after he was confronted by one of his devastated victims ten years after his crimes.

Shamed Neil Townsend only handed himself into police when he feared his sordid secret would be revealed.

The 63-year-old confessed he crept into children’s bedrooms to touch them while they slept.

He even gave police the names of his seven victims – one who later tried to kill herself after she struggled to cope with the abuse.

One of the girls – aged 13 – had been asleep when he indecently assaulted her and only found out she had been abused when police came to take her statement.

Sheffield-born Townsend was the boss of Hythe-based team building and life coaching business Next Step.

An active member of Waterside Tennis club he was the singer in Hythe band 2 Generations and 2nd Generation in the 90s, Southampton Crown Court was packed with his victims and their families to hear a judge jail Townsend for five years.

The court heard Townsend had a predatory sexual interest in children.

The victims wept as they relived their suffering and the effect it has had on their lives.

Prosecutor Siobhan Linsley said one girl began self-harming, took an overdose and even tried to hang herself.

Another who suffered repeated abuse over what the judge described a “significant period of time” developed post traumatic stress disorder and a condition where she pulled out her eyelashes and eyebrows from the stress.

In a statement read to the court she said: “I lost a piece of me every time it happened.”

In one of the counts he lured a girl onto his lap to write her Christmas list and indecently assaulted her. In another, he touched a 19-year-old’s thigh under the covers but he fled when she awoke and confronted him.

In mitigation Rebecca Vanstone said Townsend felt “deep set remorse and regret for what he has done”.

Townsend, of Onslow Road, Southampton , pleaded guilty to five counts of indecent assault and two further counts at a previous hearing.

Judge Gary Burrell told him: “The fact is you do have a sexual interest in children and it was a predatory interest. You took advantage of these children to satisfy your own sexual appetite.”

The judge added that the case was aggravated by the number of victims, his repeated abuse and the effect he has had on his victims’ lives.

He added: “They now have to live with that for the rest of their lives.”