January 2018

Sex offender jailed for breaching his parole after release from prison

A paroled sex offender has been jailed for failing to tell police he was living with a woman and her child.

Scott Fawcett was jailed for four years in 2012 for sexual activity with an underage girl he groomed via Facebook.

On release, he was subject to a lifelong requirement to tell police where he was living, Teesside Crown Court heard. “

He had a registered address in Furness Street in Hartlepool,” said Nigel Soppitt. prosecuting. “

He also had another registered address in County Durham. “It came to the attention of the police he was living at neither property, but had moved in with a woman and a child at an address not notified to the police. “The breach of the notification requirement was two-fold. “He wasn’t at either of his registered addresses, and he was also spending more than 12 hours in a house where a child was present.”

The court heard Fawcett has a previous conviction for breaching the terms of his release from prison. “He logged on to a computer in a public library using a number of aliases,” said Mr Soppitt. “He then used those aliases to contact other people on the internet.” Fawcett, 29, of Furness Street, Hartlepool, admitted two breaches of failing to comply with notification requirements.

Judge Howard Crowson jailed Fawcett for 12 months. The judge told him: “You deliberately lied to the police about where you were living. “You must understand they are there for a reason, and when you are released from this sentence they will still be in force and must be complied with.”

February 2012

Sex offender befriended girl on Facebook

A MAN who befriended a teenage girl on Facebook and then took her to woodland was yesterday jailed for sexual activity with a child.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Scott Harry Fawcett corresponded with the 15-year-old on the social networking site and arranged to meet her outside a North-East youth club on June 6 last year.

Paul Newcomb, prosecuting, said the girl told 23-year-old Fawcett, formerly of Granville Terrace, Binchester, near Spennymoor, County Durham, that she was 15 before he met her at the youth club and took her to a wooded area, where he kissed her.

The teenager later told police “it did not feel right” and that she pulled away, telling Fawcett to stop, but he continued with his behaviour.

Fawcett admitted three counts of sexual activity with a child but a charge of rape was left on file after the prosecution offered no evidence.

Mr Newcomb said: “The defendant told her not to tell anyone what they had done because what they had done was illegal.”

In interview the girl, who was described in court as extremely vulnerable, said she was confused.

Mr Newcomb said: “She didn’t want to have sex with the defendant, she said she wanted to get to know him better.”

Fawcett admitted further offences of threats to kill, criminal damage and assault, on August 19, concerning a former partner.

Mr Newcomb said Fawcett grabbed the woman by her throat and smashed a window during a row while he was on bail for the earlier matters.

He also telephoned the woman’s solicitor to say she would be “dead within a few hours”.

Peter Makepiece, mitigating, said Fawcett was of previous good character and had admitted the offences at the earliest opportunity.

He was jailed for three years for sexual activity with a child, and a further one year, to run consecutively, for the matters concerning his former partner.