January 2014: Martin Turner now lives in Cwmbran, Torfaen

July 2012

Hospital worker Martin Turner jailed for downloading thousands of indecent images

Pervert hospital worker Martin Turner’s lover became suspicious of him  during a family holiday, a court has heard.

Maria – who also worked at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in the city – didn’t like the attention he showed to young girls.

And one day she returned home unexpectedly and discovered him using his laptop while performing a sex act.

Prosecutor Denzil Pugh told Canterbury Crown Court that although the 52-year-old denied the accusation – she searched the settee and discovered a hard drive.

She then kicked him out – and turned the computer over to the police who discovered more than 14,000 illegal photographs of children, 66 videos involving extreme pornography and nearly 200 other videos.

Turner, of no fixed address, was jailed for six months after he admitted 37 different downloading offences.

Mr Pugh said: “He has lived something of a peripatetic middle life until, through the assistance of a friend,  he started working at the hospital.

“There he met Maria and they formed a relationship. During the course of that in 2010, she began having suspicions.

“They were holidaying in Wales and he was, to her, overly attracted to young girls, aged about 12 and 13. She quizzed him about it – but it led nowhere as he claimed he was just being friendly.”

He said the two worked together at the hospital – although different hours – and one day she returned home “slightly earlier than expected”.

Mr Pugh said that when he confronted Turner about what she had witnessed on the settee he slammed shut the computer.

“But behind one of the cushions, she then found a hard drive and looked at its contents and realising what it contained she did what she had to do and reported the matter to the hospital and then the police.”

Officers then discovered that he had been storing computer equipment at a friend’s lock up garage – and these contained “ a large number” of illegal images.

Turner admitted downloading the images but claimed that he had been “more interested in the process of downloading dangerous material” – rather than having a perverted interest in children.

Judge Adele Williams said: “The number of people who appear before me and who say they have no sexual interest in children is legion.

“The only people they delude are themselves. They don’t delude anyone else.
“These images are of real children being really sexually abused and exploited. You were doing this for your own sexual gratification.”

The court heard that among the 66 videos of extreme pornography were images of women having sex with dogs.

But he had also downloaded more 14,000 images of children and nearly 200 videos. He has since lost his job and home.