Update: Now released

June 2012

Jason Redgrave jailed over baby Ethan’s death

A babysitter has been jailed for eight years for the manslaughter of a six-month-old boy from Cleethorpes.

Hull Crown Court heard Jason Redgrave had shaken Ethan causing severe brain damage while he looked after him on 17 December.

The prosecution claimed Redgrave, 25, from Grimsby, had “beaten and shaken” the child out of irritation when his crying interrupted a text conversation.

The baby boy’s injuries included a pull on his spinal cord and a bleed to the brain which led to severe brain damage

He also suffered bruises on the side of his face, between his eyes and on his scalp. There were four areas of blunt-force trauma.

Bruising on his face was consistent with a slap and there was bleeding between his brain and his skull, as well as bleeding in his eyes, affecting both retinas.

These suggested Ethan had been shaken, hit on the head and/or his head struck against another object.

Baby Ethan died in hospital just three days before Christmas 2011.

During his trial, Jason Redgrave wept and bawled uncontrollably after being convicted of manslaughter – despite being cleared of the main murder charge.

He cried and sobbed so much that the judge was forced to delay sentencing him because he seemed so “distressed”.

He carried on sobbing and refused to stand up with everyone else when the judge left court after deciding to delay sentencing him until Redgrave composed himself.

There were later gasps from the public gallery when the eight-year prison sentence was imposed. The family of Ethan had been hoping for a murder conviction and a much longer sentence.

He was babysitting when Ethan suffered the brain injuries which specialists concluded had been caused deliberately – but was cleared of murder by the jury at Hull Crown Court, as they didn’t believe he intended to kill him.

The court had heard that Redgrave had been asked to care for the child by his then girlfriend, Ethan’s mother.

She said Redgrave had helped her look after her son before and was “good with him”.

The mother returned home on 17 December to discover a paramedic trying to resuscitate Ethan, but he died in hospital on 22 December.

Det Ch Insp Steve Hibbit, from Humberside Police, said Redgrave failed to explain how Ethan had sustained such a severe headinjury.

“There were very clear indications that Ethan had sustained injuries that were not consistent with an accident,” he said.

During sentencing the judge, Sir David Clarke, said: “The loss of a baby is a tragedy. It is doubly tragic when the mother and her family are left wondering what happened and that is the case for the rest of their lives.”

In a statement, the mother said: “Ethan will always be remembered with a cheeky smile and personality.

“Never a moment goes by that I don’t think about him or cherish each and every memory.”

December 2015: Redgrave has now been released

June 2016: Redgrave is now using dating website ‘Plenty of Fish’ under a fake name