July 2017: Amber Roderick AKA ‘Bridget Ann Mcginley’ has now been moved from Monkton to a safe house within Pembrokeshire for ‘her safety’

January 2012

Teen Amber Roderick who abused two young boys in Cardiff park jailed indefinitely

A teenager who horrifically abused two young boys in a Cardiff park has been jailed indefinitely – after a depraved attack on another girl.

Amber Roderick, 19, lured the 16-year-old girl to a party after meeting her in the street then joined two men in a horrific rape attack.

The victim was plied with drugs and alcohol at the home of one of the men who subsequently raped her in the bathroom. A judge heard that she was held at knifepoint during at least one of the rapes.

Joseph Lawrence, 29, brandished the blade before forcing himself on the girl and afterwards threatened to stab her in the face if she told anyone what had happened.

Jailed … Joseph Lawrence, left, & Patrick Maughan

The court heard Roderick sexually assaulted the girl while rubbing dog shampoo over herself and also encouraged 26-year-old Patrick Maughan to abuse the innocent victim.

The teenager eventually managed to flee and the trio were arrested while still drunk from the party, but the court heard how even in police cells Roderick was heard threatening to kill her victim.

But before the attack, carried out in Reading on April 3 last year, Roderick had been released from a two-year custodial sentence for a violent and depraved attack on two boys, aged 10 and nine, in Tremorfa Park in 2008.

Relatives of the younger victim sat in the public gallery at Reading Crown Court yesterday, where Judge Bruce McIntyre told the hushed court that Roderick had been “guilty of similar bullying sexual abuse before”.

Outside court, the younger boy’s mother told how she had warned authorities after the original assault that she believed the sexual predator would attack again. She also criticised them for not telling her Roderick had been released.

The boy’s mother said: “We are just so happy that she got what she deserved – I think it’s closure for us but I did think perhaps she would do it again.

“It’s been bad. We haven’t been too well over the last couple of months now with it all coming back. I did say to probation it would happen again.

“My son is not good. He hasn’t coped with what happened. He still does get worried and he doesn’t go out really because he’s afraid.

“He’s 13 now and he is constantly around me, which isn’t good for a boy of that age.

“She cannot do it again now and I’m happy with that but it did devastate us that day.”

She recalled how Roderick had led a gang of two other girls, both 12 at the time, bullying the young boys in the park before kidnapping them.

The youngsters were taken to a secluded area where they were beaten and sexually abused.

Roderick, aged 15 at the time, was sent to a young offender institute for two years after the attack, despite falling pregnant in the months that followed.

The boy’s mum mounted a campaign to stop Roderick being released early and moving back to Tremorfa, which she did not.

The mum has previously told how the attack turned her “outgoing and comical” son into a recluse who is now afraid for his life.

“He’s not the same boy,” she said.

“He sits in his room all day, playing computer games. He won’t go anywhere without someone to go with him.

“My son can’t get through a day without showering several times – he just feels dirty all the time, he feels like he can’t get clean.

“He cries all the time and we can hear him thrashing around in bed when he has nightmares – I am afraid that he will never get over that.

“The family can’t get over that.”

Yesterday, Roderick refused to appear before the judge at Reading Crown Court, opting to stay in the court cells beneath the courtroom.

Sentencing her to an indefinite prison sentence with a minimum term of four years, Judge McIntyre said: “Ms Roderick has chosen not to tell anybody who might have told me what has happened in her short life to make her the way she is.

“However, in Ms Roderick’s case I am quite satisfied that as a result of these offences and her previous convictions for sexual abuse of young boys, taken together with her attitude to anybody who challenges her about this offending behaviour, that she is dangerous.

“She poses a significant risk of serious harm to the public, including children and young persons and that is likely to remain the position until she addresses her offending behaviour.”

Maughan was jailed for six years, while Lawrence was given seven years.

The pair smiled and waved at weeping family members as they were led down to the cells.

Guilty verdicts for the Reading crime, which had been handed down in December, sparked violent scenes in which Roderick attacked security guards.

Roderick is of no fixed abode, while Lawrence is of Northumberland Avenue, Whitley, Reading, and Maughan is of Sun Street, Reading.