October 2008

Scarborough man jailed for nine months over child porn photos

A SCARBOROUGH man has started a nine-month jail sentence for making indecent photos of children.

McCain Foods worker Kevin Black, 36, of Leighton Close, Crossgates, admitted 25 counts of making the indecent photos by downloading still images and video clips from the internet.

The material ranged in severity from the lowest end of the scale at level one, to level five, which is the most indecent.

At a sentencing hearing at York Crown Court yesterday, Judge Stephen Ashurst described some of the images as “repugnant and most people would be quite appalled” by them.

Robert Galley, prosecuting, said the photos were stored on Black’s computer as well as CDs and DVDs.

There was a total of 2,487 photos which included “child abuse type pictures” made between December 31 2002 and December 7 2007.

Mr Galley told the court that Black’s computer’s operating system was shared with a friend who didn’t have access to the indecent files.

He added that Black had the capacity on his computer to pass images on to other people but there was no evidence he had done so.

After an investigation, police arrested Black at his home and he was later interviewed where he said he would “select through pictures” and was “looking for boys and men”.

Alan Bridger, defending, said Black, who worked at Eastfield’s McCain factory, had led a “blameless life”.

He said: “His references speak eloquently not only of his conscientiousness but something of a person which flies in the face of these dreadful offences for which he’s pleaded guilty.”

The court heard that Black was married for five years but it came to an end because of “some sexual confusion on his part”.

Mr Bridger said: “He met and has since lived with a man who has no previous convictions and is of exemplary character. It has been a happy relationship.

“It’s right to say that there has been a degree of confusion on Mr Black’s part which, in part, perhaps explains some of these offences.”

He added: “Candid as he is about the less serious images which he found titillating, the more grotesque images don’t have any appeal to him whatsoever.”

Black, addressing the judge, said: “I deeply regret what I’ve done and I’ve brought shame on my family. I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done.”

He was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment and has been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register.