April 2019

Convicted child abuser caught by paedophile hunting team 

A paedophile that groomed and had sexual intercourse with a 13 year old girl has been arrested after he went online to find young girls to engage in sexual activity with

William Brune of Loughborough was exposed via a Facebook live this morning after he had contacted a young girl online.

Brune sent a number of sexual messages which included two self masturbation videos. 

However, the child was a member of paedophile hunting team ‘Confronted & Caught’ who pose online as children to catch sexual predators

During the confrontation, Brune admitted his previous conviction and openly said he needed ‘help’

The police were called and Brune was arrested at the scene

February 2012

Pervert who engaged girl (13) into sexual intercourse is behind bars

A man who admitted having engaging a 13-year-old girl into sexual intercourse has been jailed for four years.

William Brune (33), of Welland Park Road, Harborough, pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse with a girl aged 13.

Brune appeared at Leicester Crown Court on Friday to be sentenced for the offence which took place last year.

Prosecutor Richard Thatcher told the court that, following a complaint, a search was carried out and a used condom was discovered with evidence that identified both Brune and the 13-year-old girl through DNA

Mr Thatcher said that when initially questioned by police Brune denied the charge. But, when he later was confronted with the evidence, he admitted some form of intercourse had taken place.

Mr Thatcher said: “There were text messages, a number of incidents of him telling her not to tell anyone.”

In mitigation for Brune, Paul Tubb asked that credit be given for an early guilty plea and said his client had split up from his wife at the time and had been living with his mother and was heavily in debt.

Although mention was made of a previous similar allegation against another girl, Mr Tubb said Brune denied that allegation and it was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Sentencing, Judge Lynn Tayton said: “You denied this had happened, said it was total lies.

“It was only when confronted with the used condom that you accepted there had been sexual intercourse. This was not on a forceable basis but consensual. The aggravating factors is that there was injury to the complainant and some attempts by you to deter her from reporting the matter to police.”

Brune will serve two years and then be out on licence, the court heard. He will also be placed on the sex offenders’ register and is banned from ever working with children.