July 2017

Pervert handed four-week jail sentence for talking to seven-year-old girl

TALKING to a seven-year-old girl about his two greyhounds led to John Coxon, 71, being locked up in jail

Coxon, of Park Road, Stonehouse, is a convicted child sex abuse images offender and banned from having any contact with children as part of a sexual harm prevention order.

At Gloucester Crown Court yesterday, Coxon admitted he had breached the order by talking to the little girl about his dogs as he walked past her last month.

Judge Michael Cullum passed a four-week jail term on him. 

However, because Coxon had been in custody on remand since the incident on June 26, he had already served his time and will be “released forthwith,” the judge said.

Judge Cullum warned Coxon: “You will be on prison licence and you will still be subject to the prohibitions in your sexual harm prevention order.”

Last June, Coxon was jailed for a year after he was found in possession of 474 images of child abuse images on his computer.

He had also been convicted in 2009 of possessing indecent images of children and again in 2010.

Yesterday prosecutor Adrian Ricketts said that on June 26 at about 4pm, Coxon was walking his two dogs when he passed a house just as a young man was leaving the property with his girlfriend.

“Unfortunately the boy’s seven year old sister went to follow her brother and was outside on the pavement,” said Ricketts.

“The defendant bent down to speak to the girl, who later disclosed to her brother’s girlfriend that he had said ‘I’ve got a wet nose.’

“The matter was reported to the girl’s mother, who called the police.

“He was interviewed on June 30 and initially said he didn’t recall the incident.

“But then he said he remembered he did speak to the child after she asked him about his dogs and he told her ‘They won’t hurt you – the worst they’ll do is give you a wet nose.’

“He could not explain why he didn’t just walk away from the girl.”

At the time of the incident Coxon had only just come out of prison after being recalled for an earlier breach of his order, Ricketts said.

Passing sentence, the judge told Coxon: “You are going to have some help, possibly with your memory and possibly with people to talk to you about how you can live with this order.

“The good thing is that you are not re-offending – you are not going on the internet and looking at illegal images.

“But because people are scared about that, you have to live with the prohibition preventing you from speaking to kids.”

June 2016

Jailed: Man, 70, became obsessed with child abuse images

A 70-year-old Stonehouse man with an obsession for child sex abuse images has been sent to prison.

John Coxon, of Park Road, Stonehouse was found to be in possession of 474 images of child abuse images on his computer, four of the images Category A, the worst kind, Gloucester Crown Court heard yesterday.

Coxon had previously been convicted of possessing indecent images of children in 2009 when a Sexual Harm Prevention Order was imposed.

But the following year he breached the terms of the order and was found to have six further images of children

The court heard that in January of this year police raided Coxon’s address and found more indecent images on his computer.

He made full admissions to the police and was arrested.

Defending lawyer Dermot Clarke said: “The vast majority of the indecent images found were of Category C, the least serious.

“My client spends much of his time as the sole carer for his wife who suffers from chronic arthritis.

“Boredom of being on his own led to him offending but there is no evidence to suggest that he has ever considered taking further steps from just viewing this sort of material.”

The Recorder of Gloucester His Honour Judge Jamie Tabor QC said: “Pictures of an adult horribly abusing a child are only taken because there is a market for them for people like you.

“You have a problem, a sexual interest in children and you have yet again downloaded these images of children, naked children, being horribly abused.

“This is not the first time you have committed this offence and an immediate custodial sentence is inevitable.”

Coxon was jailed for 12 months, ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for five years and he was again placed on the Sexual Harm Prevention Order, also for five years.

May 2009

Man, 63, jailed for downloading more than 700 indecent images of children

A 63-YEAR-OLD man who downloaded more than 700 indecent images of children who was jailed for six months at Stroud Magistrates’ Court.

John Coxon, of Stonehouse, who was caught during a police investigation, also admitted reading and writing stories about child abuse. Louise Pinder, prosecuting at court on Wednesday, said officers became aware of Coxon after finding that someone at his address had downloaded images of naked children from a former astronomy website.

He was arrested following a search of his home in Park Road at 6.50am on July 15.

Miss Pinder said his computer contained a total of 715 images in a folder marked ‘TYG’, which he later admitted stood for ‘The Young’.

The images were ranked on a severity scale, ranging from the lowest level of one to the highest level of five.

Coxon had 668 at level one, 22 at level two, 14 at level three and 11 at level four.

During a police interview, he explained he had been downloading indecent images of children for three years.

“Mr Coxon stated that he had downloaded some child abuse stories from the internet and had written his own,” said Miss Pinder.

“He did also state that he never took images of his own or distributed them.”

Coxon, who had no previous convictions, pleaded guilty on April 24 to 11 charges of making indecent photographs of children.

Defending himself, he told magistrates: “While I have looked at images of children, it has never been my desire to molest children.

“Anybody who does know me very well will know that I have never been interested in young children in regard to committing sexual offences against them.

“It has been an eye-opener. I certainly intend to go straight in the future.”

As well as the prison sentence, Coxon was placed under a sexual offences prevention order, which limits his contact with children.

Magistrates also made an order for the destruction of the computer media.