UPDATE: Colin Dunn, 66, died on May 12 at County Hospital in Stafford, after being transferred from Stafford Prison.

February 2013

Pervert from Haslingden jailed for 16 years after 50 years of sex abuse

colin dunn

A PERVERT who sexually abused young girls over nearly five decades has been jailed for 16 years.

Colin Dunn, 63, who molested six youngsters, confessed to first striking when he was just a teenager.

Yesterday, Burnley Crown Court heard three of his victims had come forward after learning he had abused other girls.

Dunn, of Cedar Avenue, Haslingden, was given a 32-month sentence in October 2011, for attacking five and six-year-old girls he had befriended in his neighbourhood.

He had lured the youngsters with toys, Easter eggs and promises to look at his animals.

The publicity surrounding the case prompted his other victims to contact the police to report how they too had been abused, the court heard.

Dunn, who suffered a heart attack three years ago and has also been diagnosed recently with diabetes, could well die behind bars, the court was told.

Passing sentence, Judge Beverley Lunt said: “It cannot be said that at any stage of your life you led a blameless exis-tence. For decades you have been a perverted sexual abuser … who has preyed on young girls.”

The judge said that victim impact statements prepared for the court had made ‘harrowing’ reading.

Dunn admitted seven offences of rape and two charges of indecent assault in the latest case. The girls involved were aged between 11 and 16 at the time.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Nichols said that he told at least one victim that she must keep quiet about the abuse — and no-one would believe her even if she did speak up. The court heard that the defendant, who is now under a lifetime sexual offences prevention order, had been facing possible life impris-onment over his offending.

Hugh Barton, defending, said that his client was in poor health and would only be eligible for release when he was in his 70s.

“He would then be subject to licence and the sexual offences prevention order, and the restrictions imposed on him by the sex offenders register,” said Mr Barton.

Mr Barton said that the defendant wanted to take advantage of any assistance which would challenge his sexual behaviour, while he was in prison.

Det Con Matt Capper, of the Pennine policing division’s public protection unit said: “Dunn is a predatory and dangerous man whose offending spanned decades.

“His offending has not only had significant health implic-ations for his victims but they will now have to live with the this for the rest of their lives.

“They showed immense brav-ery and courage in coming forward. I hope this sentence will offer a degree of closure and allow them to move forward with their lives.”

November 2012

Convicted Haslingden paedophile, 63 admits raping two more schoolgirls seven times

A PERVERTED Haslingden grandfather is facing a long stretch behind bars after admitting seven rapes against two school girls.

Colin Dunn, now 63, yesterday pleaded guilty to five charges of rape, dating back to the 1960s, against one victim and two allegations of rape against a second girl, from the 1980s.

Dunn also admitted two counts of indecent assault which occurred in the 1990s, at Burnley Crown Court.

All the offences took place in Haslingden.

The defendant, formerly of Cedar Avenue, Haslingden, is already in jail serving a sentence of two years eight months, imposed last September for child sex offences.

He will be sentenced for the rapes on December 20.

Dunn, who is already on the sex offenders’ register for life, was given the prison term he is currently serving after he had admitted sexual assault on a female child under 13 and two counts or causing or inciting a female child under 13 to engage in sexual activity. At the time he had no previous convictions.

The court heard last September that the defendant, described as a loner, was said to have groomed small children so he could sexually abuse them.

Dunn had lured his victims with gifts, giving one girl Easter eggs and a toy and inviting her to look at his animals in his garden.

Hugh Barton, representing Dunn yesterday, told the hearing he was facing a substantial custodial sentence.

October 2011

Haslingden grandad groomed small children

A PERVERTED grandad said to have groomed small children so he could sexually abuse them, has been locked up for two years eight months.

Loner Colin Dunn, 62, lured his victims with gifts, giving one little girl Easter eggs and a toy and inviting her to look at his animals in his garden.

He constantly asked the child to touch him and told her to pull her pants down, but she refused, Burnley Crown Court heard.

He also repeatedly asked another girl, who was to tell police she had seen his private parts lots of times, to touch him, but she ran away.

When the defendant was arrested and quizzed by police, he didn’t own up, but suggested he had taken a picture of his genitals on his telephone and had shown it to the youngsters.

Dunn, of Cedar Avenue, Haslingden, admitted sexual assault on a female child under 13 and two counts of causing or inciting a female child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

He had been committed for sentence by magistrates.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and was also given a lifelong sexual offences prevention order, banning him from having children under 16 in his house and from approaching or being in the company of any youngster under 16 without an approved adult.

He must not communicate or attempt to communicate with any child under 16. The defendant, who has now been totally disowned by his family because of his sordid behaviour, had no previous convictions.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, told the hearing Dunn was said by a parent to have given sweets, magazines and toffee to children.

The first victim would say the defendant had asked her if she wanted to touch him, she refused, but he had tried to stretch her arm towards him. He kept touching himself, took his top off and pulled down his trousers.

He then asked the child if she wanted to touch his bottom and turned round. She did not touch him.

Mr Parker said Dunn was arrested and charged on August 28. He claimed he had not asked the girls to touch him.

Nick Dearing, for Dunn, said: “It’s difficult to explain why he has behaved in this fashion.

“He himself cannot. He is a man who is genuinely ashamed, full of remorse and feels grave guilt for behaving in this way.”