April 2017

Exeter sex offender is back in jail after contacting girl


An Exeter sex offender who was banned from contacting girls after being jailed for flashing at two 12 year olds has been caged again after breaching his court order.

John Clements, 49, contacted a young girl without supervision in breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Clements contacted a girl under 16 on March 14 and March 15.

He was handed the order when he was jailed at Exeter Crown Court in January 2014.

Clements, from Exeter, was jailed for five years for exposing himself to two 12-year-old girls in a playground.

He has previous convictions for breaching his Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Clements has been banned from contacting girls, taking his clothes off in public and going into playgrounds. Clements has been recalled on licence to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence and will not be released until June next year.

His barrister Michael Green said: “He is realistic in his expectations. There is no application for a probation report.”

Judge Paul Darlow adjourned sentence until Friday so Clements can attend court

January 2014

Crotchless trouser man jailed for terrifying young girls

A notorious pervert who cut the crotch out of his trousers has been jailed for terrifying two young girls at a play park.

John Clements defied a ban on visiting any play area in Britain or wearing less than two layers of clothing over his private parts when he exposed himself to the girls as they played on swings.

He is one of Britain’s most infamous flashers after notching up nine different convictions in places all over the West Country from Plymouth to Bristol.

His technique is to cut out a dinner plate sized hole in his trousers and cover it up with a coat or a plastic bag until he is within feet of his victim.

The then pulls away the bag to reveal his private parts to the horrified women and children he targets, Exeter Crown Court was told.

He has been banned under a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) from going near any school, play area or park in the country or from wearing his specially adapted trousers but has been jailed twice in the past for defying the order.

Clements, aged 46, of Margaret Road, Exeter, admitted two offences of exposing himself at a play area at Horfield Road, Bristol, in March, and one of breaching his SOPO.

He was jailed for a total of five years by Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, who told him he was a danger to the public and highly likely to offend again if allowed to go free.

The judge told him:”You went up to these two girls in a children’s play area in Bristol wearing a pair of trousers with a hole deliberately cut in the front.

“You were holding a coat which covered the missing part. You got the girls’ attention and then revealed yourself to them.

“You have a long list of previous convictions and started committing sexual offences when you were just 22 and were prohibited from entering any public play area.

“You have been assessed as posing a high risk and it is concerning that while your two previous offences involved adult woman on this occasion you targeted two young girls and that is an escalation.

“These offences were committed in Bristol while you were living in Exeter and you went there hoping to escape detection by getting away from an area where your method of operating is well known to the police.”

Mr David Bowen, prosecuting, said police were called to the play area at Horfield Road in Bristol in March after two girls aged 11 and 12 complained someone had exposed themselves while they were playing on swings.

Both made victim impact statements saying they were shocked and disgusted by the incident.

He said Clements has a previous conviction for gross indecency and nine for exposure and previous offences have taken place in Teignbridge, outside the Notre Dame School in Plymouth, in Exeter and at Babbacombe Road, Torquay.

Mr Robert Linford, defending, said the best way of stopping Clements from committing more offences was for him to attend a sex offenders’ course in the community rather than going to jail.”

November 2012 – Dangerous Paedophile back on the streets of Exeter, Anyone with further information please contact us – We need a photo !

October 2009

Paedophile breaches sex offenders order

A convicted paedophile has been charged with breaking conditions of his order by going to a city swimming pool and approaching a child.

John Clements, 42, of Howell Road, Exeter, has pleaded not guilty to failing to comply with a sexual offenders prevention order by entering the children’s learner pool viewing area at the Riverside Leisure Centre in Cowick Street, Exeter, on June 1.

He is also charged with approaching a child at the same time.

Clements is banned from entering any park, play area, building or land constructed or intended for the use of children and young people, or to remain or loiter within 50m of any such building.

He is regarded as a very real danger to ALL children