September 2009

Child sex beast jailed

A convicted paedophile who sexually assaulted two girls when he was 16 struck again 15 years later after grooming an 11-year-old.

Earl Whyman, aged 31, prepped the girl for three months after helping to set up her family’s new laptop in December last year.

Sheffield Crown Court heard he called her ‘sexy’ and a ‘sexy chick’, and made sexual suggestions in a series of emails which constituted a build-up of a sexual intention. He also asked her to be his ‘girlfriend’ and said he loved her.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Martin said on March 29 he asked the girl and an eight-year-old friend to visit his house on Spring Drive, Norfolk Park, and sexually assaulted her while the younger girl was downstairs.

The court heard Whyman had two previous convictions for assaulting two 10-year-old girls during a three month period in 1994 when he was 16. He was sentenced to two years’ probation for those offences.

Ms Martin said the day after the incident in March this year, the girl told a child protection officer at her school and Whyman was arrested.

He told police his comments to the girl were platonic and that calling her his girlfriend was a joke, she added.

He admitted they had gone upstairs together, but said she had tried to kiss him and he’d pushed her away.

Ms Martin said: “Police found ladies’ underwear under the bed including a pair of children’s knickers he said he found in the street.”

Whyman pleaded guilty to grooming, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and sexually assaulting a child.

Judge Michael Murphy QC said: “You were treating this girl as an adult. There’s no way she was agreeing to be your girlfriend. She is only a child.

“I’m heartened she was able to communicate with her teacher, it’s a tribute to the people in school that they intervened before it got worse. Heaven knows how emotionally scarred this girl is.”

He added: “You are at serious risk of causing serious harm in future offences.”

Whyman was jailed for three years, with a further three years on licence.

He was also disqualified from working with children for life and must stay on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Whyman was also made subject to two sexual offences orders banning him from having unsupervised contact with children and having them in his home.