April 2017

Angry sex offender jailed for brandishing large knife in Plymouth pub

A convicted sex offender has been jailed for brandishing a large knife in a pub in front of police and drinkers.

Angry Sean McCabe, aged 47, had to be tasered twice before he was subdued, a court heard.

McCabe, who has mental health problems, had picked up the knife and stormed from his home when he was told he had been assessed fit for work and was not entitled to benefits.

He was jailed at Plymouth Crown Court for a year – but has already been recalled to prison until 2022 under his previous sentence.

Judge Ian Lawrie said: “This must have been terrifying for both the constables and anyone in the public house”.

McCabe, then living in Gloucester, was jailed for 14 years in prison in 2008 for 13 offences of indecent assault against young girls.

Plymouth Crown Court heard that he had done well on licence since his release, but his new crimes meant he would spend another five years behind bars.

McCabe, of Gordon Terrace, Mutley, pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article and affray.

Julia Cox, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said a support worker visited McCabe at his home on April 9.

She added that the visitor called the police when McCabe, who had been drinking, left his home carrying a knife.

Miss Cox said officers found the defendant in the Eagle in the city centre, where there were about ten other customers, at about noon.

She added that McCabe pulled out the knife and pointed its blade towards the ceiling.

Miss Cox said: “Officers described how his face was ‘screwed up in absolute rage’ and they feared that they or someone else would be stabbed”.

She added that officers twice fired a Taser at him – the second when the first did not work.

The court heard that McCabe told police that he had been hearing voices in his head telling him to fight someone. But he added that he took the knife intending to kill himself.

October 2008

Sex offender sentenced to 14 years

A pervert, who pleaded with a judge to put him behind bars for life, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison and told he is a danger to society.

Sean McCabe, 39, of Stroud Road, Tuffley, was convicted by a jury of 13 charges of indecent assault against young girls.

Swindon Crown Court Judge Mark Horton sentenced McCabe to nine years in custody and five years on extended licence.

But despite asking the judge after his trial, on July 4, if he could be sentenced for life, McCabe who has twice tried to kill himself since the trial, had his request declined.

Throughout the trial at Gloucester Crown Court McCabe had denied 14 separate charges against him which related to the abuse of two young girls.

The pair told the court how McCabe had touched them sexually on a number of occasions.

He was found guilty of 13 of the charges.

Sentencing McCabe Judge Mark Horton said they were grave crimes.

He said: “These offences were in breach of trust and against a prevailing climate of fear created by your aggressive and dominating behaviour and violence.

“You have shown no remorse for your behaviour and the damage you have clearly caused to these two children.

“The real damage and distortion of their personalities will not be known for a number of years to come.”

Judge Horton added that McCabe posed a serious risk to the public.

He said: “This is taking into account the pattern of offending, your attitude and thinking and your lack of remorse.

“These are extremely serious offences.

“The custodial term you will serve will be one of nine years.

“You will serve half of that sentence before you will be released and given a licence period for a further five years.

“The total sentence is one of 14 years.”

McCabe must remain on the sex offenders’ register for life.