December 2006

DJ flashed at boy during set

A highly experienced Oldbury football coach and referee has avoided spending time behind bars after he exposed himself to an eight-year-old boy while working as a disc jockey.

“This was a very unpleasant incident,” Judge Sybil Thomas told 46-year-old Kevin Abbey of Tatbank Road.

“A boy should not have to be subjected to a mature adult behaving in this way.”

But she ruled it was more important “for the protection of the public” that Abbey received assistance rather than be sent straight into custody.

Abbey, who had been in charge of Under 16’s football matches in the area, had already been barred from coaching by the Football Association, said Miss Sarah Buckingham defending.

She told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Abbey – a man with two previous convictions for indecent exposure – accepted he had a “problem that needed addressing.”

Abbey was playing records at a charity function at Rowley Regis Conservative Club when the small boy went onto the stage, said Mr Jonathan Gosling prosecuting. He said Abbey exposed himself to the boy who later told his parents what had happened, the police were notified and he was arrested.

Abbey admitted engaging in sexual activity in the prescence of a child under 13 and also failing to comply with the requirements of the Sex Offenders Act.

He was given a 3 year Supervision Order with a condition he attends the Sex Offenders programme and also barred from ever working with children. He was further told he must register as a Sex Offender for five years.

Mr Gosling told the court that after his conviction before Warley Magistrates – they committed him to the Crown Court for sentence – Abbey was told he had to inform police of any change in his circumstances.

But just a week later he jetted off on a family holiday to Florida and he had to be arrested by police officers on his arrival back in the United Kingdom.