June 2016

Child rapist who re-offended after being freed early is jailed again


A convicted baby rapist found with thousands of indecent images of children just months after being released from prison has been jailed again for more than five years.

David Lutz Ward, formerly of Acomb, was sentenced to five years and four months in prison at a hearing at York Crown Court yesterday [Wednesday].

Ward, 53, had pleaded to nine offences of possessing indecent images and moving images of children, and possessing prohibited images.

Some of the children depicted being physically and sexually abused were as young as 12 months old, and were in clear distress in the videos, the court heard.

In September 2013, Ward was released ten years into a 15-year prison sentence for raping a baby girl and running an international internet delivery system covering 57 countries that distributed on average 3,000 sexual images a day of small children.

They included sado-masochism, bondage, bestiality, child rape, and the post mortem of a child

There were also 61 encrypted still and moving pictures of Ward himself sexually abusing a nine-month-old child

Just seven months later, while Ward was still on licence, police found laptops, a tablet and smart phone in his house, as well as DVDs and hard drives.

He had been banned from owning computers that could access the internet after his earlier conviction, and when police seized the equipment they found thousands of indecent images of children and hundreds of moving images.

Prosecutor Philip Standfast told the court that although Ward initially told police he had the computers to look for jobs, and to view adult pornography, he later pleaded guilty.

Sentencing Ward, the Recorder of York Paul Batty said: “The aggravating features in this case are all too plain. You began committing these offences within weeks of your release, in breach of a sexual offences prevention order and while you were still on licence.

“The extreme youth of the children depicted is a serious aggravating feature, as is the obvious pain and distress suffered.”

Sentencing reports prepared about Ward – including one by a psychiatrist – said he has an ingrained belief that what he did was acceptable and lawful.

The psychiatrist said that Ward posed a “very high risk” to children, and it was very unlikely he would ever develop any sense of responsibility towards child victims of sexual abuse.

Judge Batty gave Ward jail terms of two years and eight months each for two of the most serious charges, to run consecutively, along with 12-month concurrent sentences for the other charges, making a total of five years and four months imprisonment.

He also said Ward would have to spend longer on licence after his release and granted another sexual harm prevention order.

February 2016

Man who filmed himself trying to rape baby released early & re-offends

A PAEDOPHILE could be jailed for life after he was caught with more than 12,300 indecent images of children.

David Lutz Ward, 53, formerly of Acomb, was on parole having been released partway through a 15-year sentence he received for filming himself as he tried to rape a baby and running an international internet delivery system covering 57 countries that distributed on average 3,000 sexual images a day of small children.

York Crown Court heard that when he left prison in September 2014, he was subject to controls on his use of the internet under a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) on leaving prison, but defied it.

Within eight months, he had downloaded a library of more than 12,300 sexual photographs and films of children as well as nearly 900 photographs and films of adults performing extreme sexual acts, York Crown Court heard.

The Recorder of York, Judge Paul Batty QC, told him: “You face a significant sentence for this offending. The only question is whether I decide, having read all there is to read about you, whether you qualify for at least an extended sentence and whether you are, in these circumstances, a dangerous offender.”

If Ward is classed as a “dangerous offender” he could be given either an extended sentence or a life sentence for his latest offences.

An extended sentence includes extra time on prison licence when an offender can be recalled to prison after he is released.

The judge ordered probation officers to prepare a report on how dangerous Ward is before he is sentenced on March 17. Judge Batty also asked the prosecution to give him full details of the offences for which Ward received a 15-year sentence.

Ward is currently back behind bars, having been recalled by the Parole Board and sentenced for breaching the SOPO order by secretly owning computers.

He pleaded guilty to four offences of possessing indecent photographs of children, one of possessing an indecent video of a child, two of having prohibited images of children and two of having extreme pornographic images including 859 photographs and seven videos.

His parole supervision officer uncovered the offences when he visited Ward and saw the computer he was not allowed to have under the SOPO order.

Defence barrister Glenn Parsons said Ward wanted to be sentenced immediately, but the judge said given Ward’s previous offences, he needed to know exactly how dangerous he is first.

In 2005, York Crown Court heard Ward ran eight chat rooms and had 25,745 sexual photographs and films of children on sophisticated home computer equipment.

They included pictures and video clips he had made of himself abusing a nine-month-old baby over two days.

He specialised in sending out images of children aged from zero to five years of age, and in one three-week period, he had sent 33,486 images to 57 countries.

But his activities brought him to the attention of German police who tipped off North Yorkshire Police and he was arrested.

He admitted 65 charges of distributing indecent images of children, one of attempted rape, three of indecent assault and two of making indecent images of children.

June 2004

19 years for baby rape bid


A SEX BEAST who created a “vile” internet child porn service and attempted to rape a nine-month-old baby was jailed for 19 years today.

York Crown Court heard that David Lutz Ward’s library of 25,754 still and moving images of child abuse were the worst ever seen by investigating officers.

They included sado-masochism, bondage, bestiality, child rape, and the post mortem of a child, said Nicholas Ralph, prosecuting.

There were also 61 encrypted still and moving pictures of Ward himself abusing a nine-month-old child, after her parents allowed him to babysit her.

Ward set out to be the “premier baby sex file server” on the internet, featuring abuse of children aged between nought and five.

Sentencing him to 19 years and putting him on the sex offenders register for life, Judge Paul Hoffman said of the pictures: “They are of the most vile and perverted nature and show the most foul crimes committed to babies.”

Of Ward’s own sex abuse of the child, he said: “It is hard to contemplate any sex crime more repugnant to the public or more likely to harm a young baby. This was horrendous abuse of the most disgusting nature.”

The judge said that the baby was clearly crying and frightened during the two days of abuse.

Ward, aged 41, formerly of Merton Court, Acomb, pleaded guilty to 65 charges of distributing child porn, one of attempted rape, three of indecent assault, and two of taking child pornography pictures.

The judge said that had police not moved quickly and seized his sophisticated computer equipment, Ward would have continued his “vile” crimes.

Mr Ralph said that Detective Inspector Christoph Adler, of the German Federal Police, spotted Ward’s activities when monitoring chat rooms. Ward later told police he ran eight chat rooms.

Det Insp Adler tipped off York Police, who raided Ward’s home. They discovered that between March and May 2003, in one three-week period, Ward had sent out 33,486 images to 57 countries and on average he sent out 3,000 images a day, and received 600 in exchange per day.

Nicholas Barker, for Ward, said he got no commercial profit from his activities. He got technical satisfaction from using computers. The computers were on all the time. He had no previous sex convictions and his parents were standing by him.

In addition to the sentence, the judge made a sex offender prevention order, prohibiting him from using computers after his release, other than for legitimate employment.