September 2017: Mundy is now living in Stoke St Gregory  near Taunton

August 2006

Mum catches paedophile preying on children

Paedophile Kenneth Mundy is behind bars after a court heard how he tried to groom youngsters while on a sexual offender’s prevention order.

The 51-year-old, who told people his name was Kenneth Smith, escaped a jail term after admitting indecently assaulting a three-year-old boy in 2003.

Instead he was sentenced to a two-year probation order and put on the order banning him from instigating contact with children under 16 without the permission of social services.

But he is now starting a three-year jail term after a court heard how he used the false name and history to get a position on the committee of a working men’s club.

As well as saying he was called Kenneth Smith, Mundy also told members of the Morris Street Working Men’s Club in Rodbourne that he used to be in the Army.

Richard Shepherd, prosecuting, said Mundy’s deceit was found out when he went to a barbecue last summer, where he had contact with young children.

While he was there he spoke to the woman who was hosting the event and asked if he could give her children £1.50 to buy sweets.

When she said he could he then asked if it would be all right for him to buy them sweets every week.

After the party Mr Shepherd said the woman found a wallet on the patio and opened it to see who it belonged to.

“She saw a yellow piece of card inside. She looked for a name on it and it said sex offender’s registration card for Kenneth Mundy,” he said.

“She also found a photo identity card in the name Kenneth Mundy and she recognised that as the man she knew as Mr Smith. There were also other cards in the names Mr Smith and Mr Mundy.”

Mr Shepherd said that in the months leading up to the discovery Mundy had befriended another woman who had a 15-year-old daughter.

He said that as part of his sex offender’s registration he had to inform the authorities if he spent more than seven days in a year at another address.

But during a three-month period he spent the night sleeping on the woman’s sofa on 10 to 15 occasions. He also had contact with the young girl for whom he bought cigarettes.

Mundy, of Stonefield Close, Eastleaze, admitted failing to comply with conditions of the sex offenders’ register and breaching a sexual offender’s prevention order.

Mike Pulsford, defending, said his client had been convicted of not complying with the register in 2004 when he again stayed at other people’s homes.

He said Mundy had a job at an engineering firm and, using the name Smith, joined the Morris Street Working Men’s Club to meet drinking partners.

Mr Pulsford said drink had been a big factor in his client’s life which led to him staying nights at someone else’s home after he had been drinking.

He said Mundy was not trying to groom children at the barbecue saying: “What he did was ask if he could buy any sweets for the children. That, he says, is because he likes children.”

But jailing him for three years, Judge John McNaught said: “I share the view of the probation service that you were consciously grooming these children.

“This was wilful, highly deceitful and manipulative and raises concerns for children and vulnerable others. I think this case is a serious case.

“You posed as an ex-soldier, assumed a new name and identity which allowed you to get access to a social club. You became a committee member there.”


AFTER the hearing, a spokesman from the Morris Street Working Men’s Club said members were shocked when they found out what Mundy had been up to.

He pointed out the party where Mundy was found out was a private do at someone’s house and not an event organised by the club.

“While he was in the club he was very quiet,” the spokesman said.

“He would sit on his own and didn’t say much to anyone, he was that kind of person.

“Sometimes he used to have a beer or just an orange squash but he kept himself to himself.

“We get a few kids in here on a Saturday but we never saw any of that kind of thing going on.

“It was only when someone came in and said he wouldn’t be coming in any more and then we got a visit from the police.

“It was a bit of shock.”