April 2019

Paedophile ‘addicted’ to child abuse images is spared jail for a second time

A paedophile ‘addicted’ to child abuse images has been spared jail for a second time despite downloading more than a million sick pictures.

Darren Brazier, 36, from Swindon, was given a second chance by a judge in 2010 after he was found with upwards of 100,000 vile pictures and movies.

But within just five months he was back online downloading vast quantities of images of child rape on to his computers, tablets and phone.

And when police finally caught up to him almost seven years later, they found Brazier had racked up a huge new collection.

But a judge at Swindon Crown Court has now given Brazier a third and final chance to avoid jail – after hearing he has been seeing a counsellor in the 17 months since his latest arrest.

Brazier has been handed another suspended jail term after pleading guilty to making indecent images of children and having prohibited images.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, said in November 2017 police made an unannounced visit to his home and asked to see his computer.

They immediately saw he had been looking for the depraved material from the search terms he had used, and seized his devices.

They took two laptops, two tablets a mobile and a computer tower which when searched were found to contain more than a million pictures and movies.

She said the search terms had included looking for ‘preteen’ material as well as ‘daddy daughter’ images.

When he was questioned he said that he had slipped back into his old habits despite having strong support in place from his family.

Judge Jason Taylor QC said: ‘These offences began just five months after that sentence was imposed and despite the specialist help you were getting for that order.

The judge imposed a 22-month jail term suspended for two years and told him to complete the Horizon sexual offenders’ programme.

He must also abide by a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years and register as a sex offender.

March 2019

Convicted paedophile caught with images again

A convicted paedophile has again been caught with indecent images on his computer of girls as young as two years old.

Among the vile sexual abuse images found on Darren Brazier’s laptop were pictures of a child being raped.

And magistrates heard the 36-year-old, of Thresher Drive, north Swindon, had also made contact with a child online.

Brazier, who received a suspended nine-month jail sentence in 2010 for similar offences, could now face a lengthy prison spell.

Magistrates told the man his crimes were so serious they were unable to sentence him.

In 2010 he admitted downloading 107,066 indecent images and movies involving child sexual abuse. He was handed a suspended sentence on that occasion

Chairman of the bench Paul Sample said: “It’s clear that in terms of the seriousness and the fact you face the possibility of a significant period in prison. For that reason it is outside our ability to sentence you. That will be for another court on another day.”

Appearing in the dock dressed in jeans and a dark-coloured hooded top, Brazier pleaded guilty to three charges of making an indecent image of a child and being in possession of a further 355 prohibited child images.

Prosecuting, Anna Humphreys said a police officer had visited Brazier’s home unannounced and asked to see his computer.

When she looked at his web browser, the officer found online search terms consistent with his having tried to access indecent images of children.

“The computer was seized and an examination indicated there was a significant number of indecent images,” Ms Humphreys said.

“He had been viewing them since 2011, shortly after his last conviction.

“Some of the images are of the rape of children.”

The paedophile was also in contact online with a child, however none of the messages were sexual in content.

In total, Brazier was found with almost 1,300 indecent images of children, including 46 in the most serious category.

Magistrates adjourned the case to March 27 at Swindon Crown Court for sentence. Brazier was awarded unconditional bail and ordered to sign on to the Sex Offenders’ Register.

July 2010

Man had 100,000 child sexual abuse images

A 28-year-old man, who downloaded more than 100,000 indecent images of children from the internet, has walked free from court.

Darren Brazier, of Brunel Crescent in Ferndale, admitted downloading 107,066 images and movies, which he had amassed over a period of about six years.

But after hearing that if he was sent to prison he would not be able to take part in a sex offenders’ rehabilitation programme, Judge Douglas Field gave him a suspended prison sentence.

Prosecuting, Robin Shellard said Brazier was arrested after police investigating another man for similar offences in Leeds found his name on a list of contacts that he had shared files with on peer-to-peer software.

He said: “It was clear that the man in Leeds had sent child pornography to Mr Brazier for his use.”

Brazier’s house was raided by police in February this year and his computer was seized but before it was analysed he admitted to police that child porn would be found on it. When the computer was analysed they found the images. The majority of them were at the lower end of the scale but 34 of them were the most serious kind.

Mr Shellard added: “They also found that the images had been carefully stored within Mr Brazier’s computer under particular files so they could be accessed when required.”

He said although the images were stored on file-sharing software there was no evidence that anyone else had accessed them so he was not being charged with distributing the images.

Judge Field said: “If I were to send you to prison today it would be for nine months. You would receive ineffective treatment during that very short period and in my judgement the public interest is best served if make a sentence which will allow you to undertake this vigorous sex offenders programme.”

He sentenced him to nine months in prison, suspended for two years during which he will be under supervision.

He banned him from working with children and ordered him to be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.